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  1. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RANGE-ROVER-2-DOOR-SCHULER-FF-PREVIOUSLY-OWNED-BY-LED-ZEPPELIN-/321146880130?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item4ac5d88082
  2. Only last week, I saw on Ebay a 1980 Range Rover once owned by Peter Grant, It was Red, Automatic, and getting a few bids....
  3. Love the way ' Matt Bellemy Of Muse ' has to have ' Of Muse ' after his name............. And they are supposed to be the biggest rock band ever.... Dream on Muse....
  4. And a few more guitars and a gong etc
  5. You Shook Me studio .... Amazing solo tone , ICQYB Coda/RAH Amazing everything.... Jimmys form/playing and tone, Roberts long Yoooooooooooou ( Shaking the mic ) in the 2nd verse... Bonham being Bonham..
  6. Both, Somewhere ive seen a list compiled of the guitars and tunings used,
  7. What, Re arrange the 30 or so photos and revamp the..... er .... there is nothing to revamp..
  8. Good to know im not alone in thinking Jimmys website is total crap... Im suprised we dont have to pay to access it...
  9. Even if it shows on ebay, You aint got a leg to stand on, as you have stated lost/stolen at bar........ Finders keepers and all that
  10. or the 'Oh Rosie' Chord.... Or the Lemon song, Or Were Gonna Groove chord... etc
  11. I wish he turned the song off and play it... 90% of these players could not nail it to a backing track...
  12. There is a Guitar Pro tab for this exact part on Ultimateguitar.com and the like, most of it is accurate, Other bits are not !, Here it is, http://www.911tabs.com/link/?3488181 There are 3 different versions as far as I know, Original film, Soundtrack and remastered... Not sure what version this is, But the main parts are there... You need Guitarpro .... Download the free trial if you dont have it...
  13. The hardest part for me is the funky rhythm just before the 1st verse.. at 140+bpm its a struggle... No version I have seen has open tuning, Standard all the way...
  14. Then this run on the G string ----------------- -----------------2 ----7x6x5x4-2 -----------------2 -----------------0 ------------------ then into the live Solo
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