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  1. Thats the best ive seen by a long shot ... You def need a wig ... Regards
  2. Jimmy never used a Whammy pedal in Zep days.... NFBM is a phaser, as is Achillies and some Kashmir live parts .... Listen to Black dog from 'NoQuarter' dvd extras..... Thats a whammy pedal... Awful thing....
  3. Jimmy still has the Dano, Its clearly in It might get loud dvd.... Playing a song called Kashmir, Its a fantastic sounding guitar..
  4. I think the reason JP doesnt play live anymore is obvious...... Obvious from the performance at the reunion gig.... obvious from the latest vid of him playing kashmir on acoustic.....
  5. On the dvd, How many more times,Albert hall, when the band quieten down,and plant is making hissing noises... listen carefully... someone yells 'shut up' very loud and direct at plant.... there's always one.....
  6. Royal Albert Hall 1970 How Many More Times , My fav, but maybe not Jimmys best, BBC Sessions Thank You is prob his best for me,
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