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  1. Hey Nicey! I miss your additions to the photo thread. I hope all is well with you.

  2. Amen! Man, half the time, I don't know what he's talking about. And the worst part is that I think if you analyze what he says, everything you need to know is in there. But none of it is quotable or easily understood. In the next year or two, Robert Plant will not learn to play the fiddle. But he should at least try because come on! how do you know if you're any good at it if you haven't tried it.
  3. Nicey

    A theme...

    G L O W E R Crabby glowering frowny-pants. King Glowerer is probably Bonzo. He had a really mean-looking glower. Some of the glowers were probably attempts at looking hot, but a lip stuck out too far or the lighting was sinister. End result is that they're lookin' daggers. To me, he seems to be thinking, "It's hotter than the hinges of hell in here...." This one just scares me! That's a snarl! København's made Jonesy all grumpy for some reason. What did you Danes do to Jonesy?? Cool shot, though. "That's so funny I forgot to laugh..."
  4. Nicey

    A theme...

    Oh, you mean this one? I believe this is from their Gold Record Awards shindig in December 1969. Y'wanna know something weird? I have twenty-five pics from that event that have Jimmy in them, and there are only seven when he's not clasping his hands. And three or four of those are when he's holding the plaque-thing with the record on it, so he couldn't clasp his hands. It was kinda weird looking at it. It was like he got into some superglue and got his hands stuck together. I've never seen that before. Well, you can't look smooth in every photograph, especially when you
  5. Nicey


    "We got to put one thing straight, cause we had a bit of trouble in New York the other day where so many people got on the stage, and it fell apart."
  6. Nicey

    A theme...

    Yay! Good theme! I'll add to it... This burgundy one he wore in '75 and '77. This shimmery one with daisies that he wore in '77. This one from 1969 that he had to have worn 'till it was rags. Seemed like he wore it a lot. He wore three other white shirts, too. This one has daisies (or some sorta flower) on it and drawstrings it looks like. Then there was a lace-up, medieval-ish lookin' white one. One with darker flowers on it (that he wore at Bath in '69.) And then there was a plain, thin linen one -- the one he wore in that pic with the monkey. They all k
  7. Nicey

    A theme...

    Today we'll go with S N A K E S K I N . B O O T S Perhaps I'm one of those girls who likes shoes. I don't know, but Zep footwear usually catches my eye. Also, they may not be snakeskin; they could be gator skin for all I know. And I don't know if they're real or faux, so vegans and P.E.T.A. folks need not flip out just yet. Who first wore the snakeskin boots? Bonzo! He dove in and strangled that python/gator himself, out in the dismal swamp. But Mr. Plant soon ditched his sandals and stole Bonzo's fashion idea: Here's that rascal slippin' 'em on...
  8. Awesome. Thanks for the info, Alice.
  9. Ohhh. Thanks for the clarification. "Henry." Fabulous name for a dog!
  10. I've seen that thread! I can't read it too much, because it makes me excited and then sad. I mean, I'm all for supporting whatever Robert wants to do, and I love Americana, so his music now is fine with me. But seeing Zep live? Even now when they're in their 60s? Without Bonzo? It wouldn't be the same thing -- it might even be near-grievous to see a different drummer behind them -- but the thought of it drives my mind crazy. That thread is powerful -- at least to me. (And well-done, by the way.) No, I lost that story a long time ago and then just recently found it yesterday on
  11. Really? So we have no images of Stryder. And no images of the beast who inspired the title of "Black Dog." Well, some things are best left to imagination.
  12. I wrote a Zep story years ago and shared it on this message board. It was called "The Dumbwaiter," and I remember someone asked if it really happened. Yeah, if there's a Zep fiction thread somewhere on here, I might write something quick. Have you anything to share, Miss Danielle Andrea? EDIT: Oh! I remember I wrote another one called "The Pageholder," which was about a jealous fight between Jimmy Page and Tori Amos over Robert. (Jimmy won.)
  13. I agree -- oarsome indeed. Google's always doing something interesting. And I had no idea Lucille Ball was 100 years old! I'm gonna go watch the candy factory clip right now....
  14. Nicey

    A theme...

    Yeah, every so often he used that crotch-blocking maneuver. And that'll be today's theme. Brief but intriguing. You inspire good themes, Mr. zepfilm.
  15. That cracked me up! I love goggies. This appears to be Stryder, too: He looked to be a very patient and loyal animal.
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