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  1. Right now mines "fool in the rain" that counts right?
  2. Absolutely the best, if he were dead there would be no debate see jimi hendrIx no disrespect but page to me is by far better; skill, range, writing & rock your assedness, I read the Rollin stone top 100 guitarists all time & page got fisted lube free but I say f@&k em, I got my ears satisfied so whatever the non rockers think is not my problem but I do feel bad dissin since some people are born stuPid
  3. As of today which means my fav zeppelin songs may change but they will always be My fav either way so 10.black dog 9.good times bad times 8.misty mtn hop 7.hey hey 6.fool n the rain 5.whole lotta love 4.bron yr stomp 3.Heartbreaker/livin lovin(whatever, to me they're together 2.ramble on 1.communication breakdown wow that was not an easy task, the order was hard enough but leavin off some of the greatest of all time rock was even harder damn MoFo Stone
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