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  1. Absolutely fantastic pictures. My family have been season ticket holders for the Oakland Raiders for well nearly 2 decades. It's fascinating to see the coliseum from that time.
  2. Loved Ant-Man. The climax involving a certain "dimension," was obviously influenced by one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes, Little Girl Lost. The director really did his homework there.
  3. I am relatively new to comic books, but I have been drawn (pun intended) to Doctor Strange. In my small but growing collection of both the classic Ditko series, and the assorted newer entries, i have found that Marco Rudy's work on New Avengers Annual #1 to be extraordinary.
  4. What an epic show! I cannot imagine the energy in MSG when he brought out Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest. Loved what he said about Run DMC and Kurtis Blow being no different from Robert Johnson.
  5. This DVD was life changing for me. Perhaps not in a climactic way, but the very first time i saw that epic How Many More Times from the Royal Albert Hall, i knew right then and there that this was gonna be my favorite band. And ever since then, i've listened to Zep everyday, several times, for some 9 odd years. That's definitely more of a lingering effect in my life than most things.
  6. Red Dead for me, is the finest single player game i've ever played. And the music has a lot to do with that. The score itself is phenomonal. And the part where you ride to Mexico and Jose Gonzales's Far Away starts to play. Wow.
  7. I don't understand this post. I'm not sure i like you very much Barrios
  8. This better be thrown out. Taurus's intro sounds nothing like stairway to heaven, it's a descending phrase. Nonsense man
  9. I watched this and was pleasantly surprised. Love the show.
  10. With you here. I had heard their music before but never knew the band name until GTA V. Over here in Northern California there's an alternative radio station that plays them fairly frequently so I guess we have some luck there. Awesome band.
  11. i think they play it a step higher on that one...haven't heard it in a while
  12. Really? 12 years with the greatest rock band ever, with the 9 greatest albums ever. Two concert films, a documentary, a solo album, two Firm albums, Page + Plant, C/P, and one of the most revered reunion shows of all time...not to mention his endless session work and shoot, i'll even throw in playing guitar with a famous rapper while i'm here. What more does he have to add? Honestly, even if he stopped doing anything ever again after 1980, his career still would have exceeded perfection. Don't forget this is the man who wrote Stairway to Heaven. Jimmy is beyond expectation, he is an artist that does things as they come. There's so many "what ifs" to ask regarding his solo work, from the fans and from himself i am sure. So why push it if it's not there? Let the music be your master....
  13. i don't even understand this. Obviously it's not official, but who would take the time to make a bootleg razor....seriously, of all things?! Interesting find Sozo, i wonder if anyone else has come across oddly bootlegged items?
  14. Thanks for the tidbit zeppy. I knew he and Jason had love for the Police, never was aware of that quote though.
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