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  1. FunkyPhantom

    2015 NFL Thread

    They really should be 3-1. This has been a problem over the Dark Times we've experienced since our Super Bowl appearance, the lack of winning games we really shouldn't be losing. We sort of exercised that demon against Cleveland, but this is an even worse team. Granted this is the second consecutive road game, and the Raiders have lacked the ability to win many of those, let alone string 3 victories in a row. Coming home against Denver will feel a lot better if we are 3-1.
  2. FunkyPhantom

    2015 NFL Thread

    Seems to be current the national consensus on Cooper, eh? We have high hopes. It has been too long since we've had a legit receiver. And his attitude is spot on. Del Rio has the young guys in the right mindset. My best case scenario for this team still stands at 8 - 8.
  3. FunkyPhantom

    2015 NFL Thread

    Raiders continue to exercise their demons. Won 2 in a row, won a game on the road with a "10 am" start, got some sacks in. Cooper with a second consecutive 100 yd+ game. Carr looks solid. Defense is still frustrating and very, very under-talented.
  4. FunkyPhantom

    2015 NFL Thread

    Raiders win a shootout. Can't believe i'm typing those words. I've seen them get blown out plenty of times over the past decade or so; just as i've seen them totally dominate several games over that period as well (typically the other team was in the process of implosion.) But the Raiders have been just straight bad, so for them to come off a big loss, and actually stay relentless against a team many analysts thought were playoff-worthy, that's something new. Shootouts are tough, man. AC/DC is looking slick. And Crabtree was in King Mode. If they can continue this toughness, I'll be optimistic for an 8-8 season. Now, is Seattle willing to hand over Kam...
  5. FunkyPhantom

    2015 NFL Thread

    Just moved from Sacramento down to La Habra on the north edge of Orange County. Really hope i can find a place that shows the Raiders opener tomorrow. Aldon Smith is expected to have around 20 snaps of playing time. I don't know how much to expect from him considering he was signed just yesterday. The even bigger questions are, will he stay out of trouble? And will the NFL suspend him any further?
  6. FunkyPhantom

    Oakland, CA-Alameda County Coliseum- July 24, 1977

    Absolutely fantastic pictures. My family have been season ticket holders for the Oakland Raiders for well nearly 2 decades. It's fascinating to see the coliseum from that time.
  7. FunkyPhantom

    Happy birthday Robert

    Strong indeed! And Strider's post is spot on. Surely Robert is using the power of the occasional Odinsleep in order to keep that vigor...
  8. FunkyPhantom

    2015 NFL Thread

    Aldon Smith cut. The guy desperately needs to get his head checked.
  9. FunkyPhantom

    Jimmy rejects LZ Hollywood WOF Star petition

    Glad Page turned them down. The WOF said Prince isn't famous enough for a star....screw em
  10. FunkyPhantom

    I've Been Going to the...MOOOOvies

    Loved Ant-Man. The climax involving a certain "dimension," was obviously influenced by one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes, Little Girl Lost. The director really did his homework there.
  11. Record Store Day releases are rarely full albums. For all we know, it could be a 45 of another mix to Whole Lotta Love. Will i buy it, absolutely. Do i expect it to be something far out and earth shattering? Nope. There's 8 albums of far out and earth shattering content already in existence. Give me new material (from Page) and any other live Zeppelin stuff he may have prepared for the future.
  12. FunkyPhantom

    Biggest fail live

    Right on the money there, IpMan. It sounds just like the $65 Yamaha keyboard i had growing up. Yikes!
  13. FunkyPhantom

    2014-15 NBA Thread....

  14. FunkyPhantom

    2014-15 NBA Thread....

    I can't even think straight. Tonight's emotion, should it go the way of the Warriors, is gonna be something palpable. Obviously for the players, coaches and the rest of the organization, but for us fans...good golly miss molly. In the Babyfaced Assassin we trust. Going to hit the gym, dust myself off, then head to a watch party at The Grad down in Davis. Wish i could be in Oakland tonight. To Mr. Chef, see you on the other side.
  15. FunkyPhantom

    2014-15 NBA Thread....

    That foul by Bogut where Lebron ended up with a camera stuck in his head, was Lebron in a nutshell. Bogut fouls him, lebron lands feet and hands down, but then magically loses his balance and starts flying behind the post and hits the camera. His worst performance yet. Maybe he'll think twice next time before he decides he needs to get theatrical. That was horrendous. Unnecessary risk that could have cost him a lot more than just a gash to the scalp.