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  1. Hi. Yes, I was in there. The place was just full Zep fans. Spoke to Dave Lewis, whom I've met many times before over the years at conventions etc. I remember him talking to me about seeing the rehersals that day, which added to the anticipation! He asked me to send him any decent pictures of the gig so he could use them in his TBL magazine. So I did, and he did use them! He used one pic of mine in issue 19 and another in issue 20! Yeah, I was there pretty much all night. I was lucky enough to be staying at the Holiday Inn (the nearest hotel to the O2 I think), so we just fell out the
  2. I kept mine on for about a month. I had to cover the gold strip with clear tape to stop it scratching. Then I noticed all the edges were starting to curl up so I took it off. Gonna wear it for 'special' occasions now only Like future Plant gigs for example. What I really want is to find some kind of clear plastic 'bangle' that it can fit inside, so it'll be protected but visible...
  3. Hi Sean, It's Dave. Nice to talk to you on here. BTW, Dave Lewis has used one of my pics in the new TBL fan magazine! It's one I took outside the Pilot Inn. You can see the back of your wifes head on it lol! ..Still waiting for MSG.
  4. Hi Zepp-4-Life Yep, I was there. (I was the guy wearing the Zoso tshirt - Dave is the name) I think we stayed up in the bar until around 2am, watching the lap-top!
  5. Hey Zoef, you weren't that from from me look>>> my pics
  6. Have you seen the extras on the new TSRTS DVD? A journalist (New York Post?) suggests to Peter Grant that this is indeed just a publicity stunt. ...suffice to say Grant puts him in his place, and makes him look foolish...
  7. Yeah, we had a LOT of problems with people (usually drunk) trying to cut their way infront of us! We just told them to 'keep going....go on....keep going in that direction..' LOL Cheeky sods! We'd been standing our ground the WHOLE gig.
  8. I'm planning on leaving mine on for as long as possible. I've wrapped a layer of clear tape over the gold strip to stop it marking (it's very fragile!). The excess strip with holes in has 'curled' around. That's the problem. If it's gonna snag it'll be because of that. I'll have to tape it down or something. I think the actual plastic band is stronger than it looks, because my friend had to have his replaced before the gig (because it was too tight!). They really had to pull hard to get it to snap off. I'm not sure how strong the black snap on button is though. ...or maybe I'll take i
  9. We were standing to the extreme right of the stage about 5 in from the front (see my avatar). The first 2 songs were way too bassy (or just not enough top-end?). I couldn't hear Jimmys guitar at all. In fact, I didn't even recognise Ramble On until they got to the chorus. After that it seemed fine, still bassy, the kick-drum went through you, but at least it was good quality. I loved it from then on!
  10. Jimmy looked cool? You're damn right he did. How's this for cool....
  11. We're traveling from Chester in the Car. I'm pretty sure we're going Sunday now.
  12. no! I didn't leave anything. btw, I've just noticed the little drag-car model on the right there. lol For anyone that's thinking of going, if you look for zeppelin land-marks on google maps, you'll find it that way. I just entered the lat/long into my satnav and it took me straight there. The last mile or so is down very narrow country lanes, with only room enough for one car. The church is on top of a hill, with very little parking space. I had a few knowing looks and smiles from from of the locals wandering about there as I was wearing a Zep t-shirt lol.
  13. Visited Bonzo's grave today for the first time. I only live about 30 miles away in Telford. This is the last opportunity I would have before traveling down to the o2 next weekend... Here are my pics from TODAY..... my pics note: after selecting a picture, click 'all sizes' on the top tool bar to see the pic bigger
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