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  1. Someone finally uploaded this to YouTube, great stuff!! Jimmy Page and Robert Plant on "Later" with Jools Holland, sometime in 1994-95. If anybody here can provide the exact date, I'd be grateful -- thanks and enjoy, everyone! "Gallows Pole" (can't take my eyes off Michael Lee...wasn't he amazing to watch?) "Wonderful One" And finally, "Four Sticks":
  2. Kenog, this is terrific! Congrats on a job well done! Thank you for your efforts to make Jimmy's book more accessible to the general public. To know that it is on file at the British Library makes me very, very VERY happy and proud... While I live across the pond and will not share in the benefit, the people of England should have access to Jimmy's own chronicle of one of the country's greatest exports, Led Zeppelin. Glad to hear they will now, thanks to YOU, the folks at Genesis and the BL.
  3. Rockarolla, I was stupified by that error, too. That version of "You Keep Me Hangin' On" is NOT the 1967 original. From the sounds of the keyboards and drums, it appears to be a 1980s re-recording. Strange they let that error slip thru the cracks!
  4. Excellent observations and insight, Knebby. Thanks for sharing. Been reading up on the details of Amy's final days and I see now that many of the people around her were indeed desperately trying to keep her clean. Removing all alcohol from the hotel room wet bar, etc...like many addicts, she likely felt she had to drink or score drugs in secret. I'd rather not speculate further until the toxicology reports are available, but a sad loss nevertheless.
  5. Sounds like Lemmy owes you a hearing aid. Seems the least he could do!!!
  6. Great topic. glad you asked... I've had some interesting Zep dreams through the years -- some so realistic I really wasn't sure where the hell I was upon awakening. Like it took a while to get back inside my body...I was traveling for sure. Had a dream some 20-plus years ago that is strangely similar to bouillon's dream. My next door neighbors came banging down my door in the dream, so excited to tell me that "Jimmy Page is in our living room right now!! You've just got to come over and meet him!" (Funny, I had already met Jimmy in person prior to having this dream, so I don't know why it was necessary for my psyche to "meet him" again. That still mystifies me to this day.) Sure enough, I walked next door and there he was, chilled out watching TV in bed. He said that he was looking for an "off the beaten path" place to stay, was tired of hotels, and had offered my neighbors cash to rent out their house for a few days! LMAO!! Nutty, eh? YES I WAS! (WELL, IN SPIRIT, ANYWAY...) Probably the most amazing Zep dream I ever had was of Knebworth `79. At the time I had the dream, I was a bit of a Zeppelin newbie and had never seen any footage or photographs of the concert. Never even heard bootleg audio. (This was long before the age of YouTube and boots were quite costly and difficult to find.) Some time later, I told a friend of mine who was a major LZ fan about the dream. He showed me a video of Knebworth and I was stunned to discover that every detail of my dream was 100% correct, right down to the exact order of songs played and the color of Jimmy's shirt. How is that even possible? Who knows, but it sure was cool! Mind you, this was not a premonition because the dream came to me 7 years after Knebworth. More like watching a movie of it in my mind, or a psychic snapshot; a memory, if you will. What I will never quite understand is WHOSE memory I was experiencing, because it was not my own. I did not attend the Knebworth concert, hardly knew anything of it at all, really. But I DID attend it in my dream. There can be no doubt. I was somehow psychically projected to that particular moment in history and experienced it fully. Here's the punchline: when I woke up rather "shaken and stirred" from this dream, I noticed the date on my calendar -- it just so happened this dream came to me on Jan. 9, 1987 -- Jimmy Page's birthday. Kid you not!
  7. Sorry to dredge up an old thread, but just want to add my voice to the din BEGGING for a mass market hardback or softcover version of the book. Now that the die-hards and serious collectors have their editions in hand, how about something for the masses? Book publishers typically do this with hardcover editions....a mass market paperback is made available some months later for a considerably lower cover price. I think most Zep fans would shell out $40-50 for a coffee-table size softcover edition. Yes the photographic reproduction, paper, and binding won't be of nearly the same quality as the first edition, but most fans just want to be able to read it over and enjoy the photographs. Library-quality binding isn't all that important to John Q. Public. Sadly, the book's cover price has invoked a bit of class warfare, even amongst Zeppelin fans, and that rubs me the wrong way. If every Zeppelin fan can afford the albums, why shouldn't a 2nd edition of Jimmy's book be every bit as affordable?
  8. Was just checking out her music...she's also on Atlantic Records. This girl probably isn't the right collaborator for Page, but Holy Crap, she writes amazing songs and sings her ass off!! Wow!!
  9. Well said, BongMan... "....and suddenly in 1988, the musical universe returned to it's natural balance." That is EXACTLY how it felt at the time...I'd had quite enough duran duran and Madonna by 1988 (hadn't we all?). This album heralded a return to rock, thank Ye Gods. " Does anyone remember the chill you had up your spine the first time you heard that solo on the radio ? " Hell yeah! I'll never forget the first thrills and chills I felt when I heard "Heaven Knows..." on an advance radio promo single. Had to be the first d.j. to nab that puppy the moment it arrived in the station's mailbag, don't ya know, haha. Spun the hell out of it on the air during my nightly "Get the Led Out" segment. Got tons of requests for "Heaven Knows" and of course "Tall Cool One" really lit up the request lines when it first came out, too. wonderful video, too...shapes of things to come with the "Yallah" & "City Don't Cry" videos a few years later: Interesting too the same actress from Plant's "Heaven Knows" video also appeared in The Firm's "All the King's Horses" video in 1986. Don't know her name, but she is lovely and extremely talented.
  10. Thanks for the story. Embarrassed to admit I have no idea who she is, tho!!!
  11. Yeah, the Johnny Burnette version is the best known, certainly a rock and roll classic and one of Beck's favorite records (Pagey's too). But the original Tiny Bradshaw version is one jumpin', jivin', rockin' M.F.!!!!! I wish more folks were hip to THAT one!!! Thank you so much for posting this!!!
  12. Welcome Laeotaekhun -- have you tried http://discoogle.com? Excellent resource; usually pretty accurate for cross-referencing by catalog numbers.
  13. Glad you enjoyed them, SuperDave. It's a joy to discover this forum and share with my fellow Zeppers.
  14. Hey Stairway...thanks for posting these screenshots so promptly every day!!! Well done!!
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