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  1. TSRTS from 3/27 is awesome too. Listens carefully to Jones throughout this version. His bass lines are speedy fast towards the end.
  2. Yep, 3/37/75 is an amazing one. I love the good 1977 ones but I always skip the brief bluesy part of the jam and go right to the 2nd half. If you skip that part the 1977 versions are pretty awesome too. Try it...
  3. This is neat. I would be happy with some various snippets of 8mm/16mm films even if incomplete. We have to hope the band had their friends/roadies/Peter Grant shoot little bits here and there in the first couple years. When MTV has the special on Zeppelin ages ago and showed the clips of Seattle 1977, they also showed the close-up home movie footage of the 8/21/71- LA Forum concert which was really exciting to see back then. A documentary is the perfect place to throw in various incomplete snippets here and there in less that perfect quality to make it unique and feature material not found anywhere else. And if we happen to see larger chunks of footage of much rumored stuff like Central Park ‘69 or the Bath ‘70 footage then this will be well worth it. I see Jimmy is making good on his word by giving us “surprises” for the 50th Anniversary.
  4. I’ll bet the 1973 open reels (surely in Jimmy possession) sound great like the 1975 reels. I’ll even bet the 1973 cassette transfers that Jimmy has (which are probably the tapes that were stolen) probably sound really nice too. It’s the “down and dirty transfers” made from Jimmys stolen cassette which is where the quality drops a lot. We’re lucky to have them but I believe those copies are where the quality loss happened. (I’ll bet the 1980 tapes that were stolen weren’t the masters either but 1st gen copies Jimmy had made for listening purposes - and also the fragments UK/euro 1983 tapes too). Surely those U.K. and Euro 1973 masters are complete but the backup/listening copies are what was stolen and poorly transferred and why they are lesser quality and I’m complete. The 1977 shows - it’s anyone guess. Had they been done on metal bias cassette tapes with the bias set properly and the levels pumped up high during the actual recording them I’ll bet they would have sounded even better but one one really know for sure. For example wasn’t a huge batch of Genesis soundboard cassettes found about 10-15 years ago in old film storage conrainers and most were done on el cheapo 120 min. normal bias cassettes? Same could have been done with Zeppelin and why the quality isn’t as sparkling as the 1975 tapes - which sound fantastic. Hard to believe the sound techs from those tours haven’t turned up on this forums to discuss this stuff in depth. It would be fascinating.
  5. Does anyone know for sure? Were the 1973 shows recorded on reel to reel? Or cassette? If they used reels in 1975 and on earlier tours why would they have used a cassette machine in 1973? Were the copies swiped from Jimmy 1gen cassette copies of the reels and then we have bad copies of the 1gen cassettes stolen from Jimmy? Jimmy May have the entire 1973 tour in Master Open reels
  6. You sort of just lroved my point. No one knows for sure. Maybe they were high speed dubbed in a lo-fi 1980s boom box?
  7. That’s what everyone says. True or internet myth? Hard to know the facts. Sometimes someone says something and it gets repeated a million times and it becomes fact.
  8. The 1975 boards do sound amazing. The 1977 boards sound more like the 1973 boards. Sure hindsight is 20/20 and we’ll never know for sure but the ‘73 & ‘77 could possibly have sounded better with just a few simple settings. Maybe they were recorded with normal bias tapes which would not have as much top end as a Chrome or Metal bias cassette. Or they were recorded with Chrome cassettes but the bias setting was set to normal and not Chrome. Anyone who was a big cassette person knows these little things can affect the frequency range. I was a taper for years and love audience tapes but it’s funny how people whine about having these boards. We’re lucky as hell to have any of them!
  9. “Play It Loud, Instruments if Rock & Roll” April 1, 2019, The Met, NYC,NY
  10. You’re a great collector and I do enjoy reading your comments- my earlier posts- I was just having a little fun.
  11. Wow another smart patient member on the Internet. It’s one year into a 10 year plan and we’ve gotten books and guitars and unreleased singles of “Friends” etc etc. Let’s say there are only a few live releases left...would you rather have them all come out tomorrow and then nothing ever again? Or have some interesting things come out here and there and also some big live releases added in every couple years for a 10 year span? Heck they only released their official albums for ten years when they were a young active band...give it time... Jimmy said “10 years” (or a 10 year Celebration of a “10 year” career) not “I’ll release everything tomorrow for the 50th anniversary...”
  12. I was doubtful...and maybe it’s because I’ve been a fan since I was a kid many many years ago, but I still believe we’ll be getting more fun stuff like books and guitar remakes and eventually - more live releases. And yes I’ve whined about more live releases and wanting them NOW, but guy and girls, be patient Jimmy said over the next 10 years. We are experiencing a total Mr. Freezer description...gimmie Gimmie GIMMIE - it’s the 50th now!! Jimmy is in his Golden Era and is probably enjoying his life’s work and we’ll get that live release - seeing pictures of Jimmy Page repainting his Dragon tele??!? Does one here “get it?” Am I the only one saying “Go Jimmy- GO!!” In 1980 imagine seeing pictures of Jimmy painting the Dragon Tele yet today we whine when seeing those pictures with our own personal agendas... So sit back and enjoy everything he’s giving us. (At least he isn’t outright lying to us like that dude BlackSwag from RO.com and saying we’re getting a ‘68 live release by last Nov. and every member there drank the Kool-aid and it turned out to be fake). Looks to me like Jimmy is giving us everything we always wanted...just not according to YOUR timeline which is fucking with you all hard.
  13. Make sure you seek out whichever recording has the longer version of “How Many More Times.” The end is still missing on all sources but there was a low gen version going around which was shorter than other versions...andcrhe minute or two that is missing off that version is really great. Plant let’s out some of his best wails of the night.
  14. In 1995, they were paying $1000 COD for an unreleased audience tape. So Id guess $5000-$10000 for an unreleased board tape.
  15. Zzzz, not like it’s anything new. Don’t mess with a bone and his only bone....
  16. Yep, the March 1971 tour/vocals can’t be topped by any other versions.
  17. GREAT to see any new recording especially if a show we have not heard! Quality is really good too.
  18. I get it. You’re a great collector I know- but he said over the next ten years. If they’ve got one great release (aka Japan 1971) I’m thinking he’s saving it for last.
  19. Guy, I don’t know...call me crazy...and I even had doubts, but I think we are in for a long great ride. Page promised us new great things over the next ten years....bet we get a killer live release in the end as the icing on the cake...and it may be our favorite “hope”...Japan 1971. Saving the best for last...it’s gonna happen!
  20. I guess my point is we all only love so long. Let the tapes out...jimmy please take note...you’re living history....getting to see your history play out while you’re still alive is infinite...not the other way around...
  21. Not a complaint brother, just saying it’s silly how someone would hoard something that is worse quality and pretty insignificant.
  22. I’ve been collecting since about 1983-85, yes it was the Red Box set “The Destroyer” with special thanks to “Cookie Crumb” and was out before any tape source was in trading circles that had Stairway with the “oh fuck” comment. Ive also taped shows since 1987 (Pink Floyd at MSG). The original source was taped up close in the sound field and has so much power. This new source no matter how the transfer was done sounds like it was taped much farther away. Funny anyone would ever hoard this recording. I’m not being snobby or anything. But facts dont lie - the original source is fantastic and the new source is average.
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