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  1. Keep listening to it and it will keep climbing in the list: 3/21 3/27 3/12 3/17
  2. Whoa! This is awesome!! It’s great all these new recordings and films are coming out. You have to watch out for some of the collectors who get their hands on these things. They hide them away for selfish reasons and keep the world from hearing them even tho the original tapers want them to be heard and seen! So many thanks!
  3. This tour is one of my favorites. We’re very lucky to have some great audio recordings of these shows. And some great films. Tho I wish we had some more great footage. The picture shot from behind the stage at Melbourne with the rain storm looming overhead is one of the best pictures ever take of the band.
  4. From what I have seen most every person fortunate to have seen the band and actually recorded, filmed or took photos have always wanted their treasures to be heard or seen. In 99.9% of the cases it’s the guy who finds then who doesn’t share and making the hobby toxic
  5. That’s awesome. You’re cooler than anything!! You are going to make the world a better place with your recording!! We need more people like you!!
  6. Great to see new stuff surfacing lately! Where does this stuff come from!?
  7. I’m an old white guy myself. Lol doesn’t anyone get humor? Sheesh. 😂🤣😜
  8. Good or bad recordings, it’s nice to see the younger generation of Led Zeppelin live fans finding old tapes and giving them away for free rather than how a bunch of old white guys just keep things to themselves for their own pleasure like Gollum and his “precious.”
  9. Many great ones in 1970! Memphis awesome and so many others: 1/9/70 RAH 2/28/70 Copenhagen 3/29/70 Houston To name a few
  10. That’s awesome!! A new uncirculated 1973 show in GREAT quality!! And given away for free. Basically complete too!! The new generation of fans of Led Zeppelin gets it!!
  11. Just a guess but either too many copyright issues or maybe Page thought the performance sounded a little chaotic. He tends to want to only release things that a polished more than a new penny (except for TSRTS movie which is an edited nightmare). He needs to hire “ledzepfilm” to take all the known footage and edit each night separately first to see what footage actually exists from each night and then compile it all into one complete show.
  12. Sure there are a few audience tapes which combined throughout the entire span of Zeppelin’s career might add up to a dozen decent audience tapes and they will always be nice to have. As you mentioned Chicago 1975, I’ll bet if we ever get soundboards of these shows 99.9% of collectors will never visit the audience tapes again. I’ll take even a rough soundboard over a craptastic audience tape recorded from 3 miles away under a seat covered with a shirt on a radio shack deck with built in mic
  13. The soundboards from 1975 are so amazing any audience tapes from this tour are kind of worthless now and aren’t worth much unless you’re a stamp collector type.
  14. I wonder how many 1975 soundboards are left from this source? 2/27/75-Houston 3/12/75- Long Beach 3/25/75 & 3/27/75-LA
  15. They were done on C120 tapes. If the sound guy started the tape several minutes early it was just bad luck Side A ran out during The Wanton Song.
  16. They should have had about 15/20 songs that they used in a varied rotation for openers and closers and the acoustic set. Then had a somewhat structured main body of their set lists. They could have swapped out those 15/20 songs and at least had different openers and closes and encores from night to night especially for the later tours when the did 2, 3, 4, 6 shows in the same cities. 6 nights of the same set list would get old after a while for the bands and crowds
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