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  1. I remember a listing for Robert Plant's math homework once. No, there weren't song lyrics scribbled in the margins. It was just his math homework from when he was a kid.
  2. I think the way Zeppelin used Tolkien was pretty good. They were able to make allusions without losing a wider audience. A lot of metal bands today will record whole concept albums about the Silmarillion which to be honest seems a bit cheesy. "Ramble On" is not a song just about Frodo or Bilbo, it's a "wandering" song, and it uses allusions to strengthen that theme instead of JUST being a song about hobbits.
  3. It's missing Houses of the Holy. I presume you would have added that back onto the Houses of the Holy album so that the title would make sense.
  4. I beg to differ. The fantasy sequences were grade-A cheese.
  5. I consider greatest hits albums to be something of a necessary evil, usually good as an introduction or crash course to a band, but they often leave off under-appreciated tracks. Sometimes the track listing of a Greatest Hits album can distill a band's career into the most absolutely indispensable, but sometimes it feels slapdash. For a best and worst in my opinion, "Love" by the Beatles is one of the best compilations I have heard. It's more properly a remix album, but it hits all the major notes of their career, and the remixes make the old songs sound new again, so even people who alrea
  6. Remix Death Magnetic by Metallica so that it isn't so brickwalled, and put songs from "Beyond Magnetic" back onto it. Add in the songs from Coda that were left off of ITTOD Cut down about half of Aerosmith's "Music from Another Dimension" Re-release "Ummagumma" by Pink Floyd as an expanded live album, without Disc 2. Definitely get rid of "Several Species of Small Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict"
  7. The era of digital music sales reduced the need for coherent albums in the eyes of the public. You don't need to listen to the whole album through, you can just get the one or two "good songs" that you heard on the radio and be on your way. It's a shame because so many classic albums are just that...albums. I don't think this can be placed squarely on "mainstream pop" though. Many rock albums I've bought over the last few years have this problem as well. "Music from Another Dimension" by Aerosmith is about 30% too long and has maybe four good songs, the rest being filler. Ditto for pretty much
  8. Mine is 160 gb. It may seem like overkill, but my music collection is constantly expanding, and it was annoying to have to go back and delete stuff from my old mp3 player when I got new albums. I have a playlist of about 700 of my favorite songs that I like to put on shuffle just to have in the background sometimes.
  9. The riff from "Legendary Child" is almost exactly the same as the one from "The Wanton Song."
  10. I think Outrider and Walking Into Clarksdale sounded Zeppelin-esque, and Manic Nirvana was the closest thing to Zeppelin sound that Robert did. I'm excited for the possibility of a new JP solo album.
  11. Zeppelin: Black Dog Dazed and Confused How Many More Times Kashmir All My Love I Can't Quit You Baby (Coda version) Immigrant Song Gallows Pole Post-Zeppelin: Through With the Two-Step Ship of Fools 29 Palms I Believe When I Was A Boy Shine It All Around Tin Pan Alley
  12. I believe No Quarter will be most people's answer. Ice Fishing has some great piano playing but it pales in comparison to the masterpiece that is No Quarter.
  13. Mostly 40's and over at my showing, but there were a few younger people there as well. It wasn't a crowded theatre, though.
  14. I find alternate takes rarely to be worth it, unless we also get some previously unreleased tracks like the original version of Swan Song. I would ideally like something similar to the Beatles Anthology, so we don't have to re-buy all of the studio albums we already own and can get the new stuff separately. I hated when Pink Floyd added alternate takes and rough cuts to their studio albums in 2011 and you had to pay full price for one disc's worth of new stuff.
  15. 3096: Emperor Gorlock opens the Led Zeppelin memorial on Io, but by this time historians, going on scant records since the obsolecence of all recorded media from the 20th century, believe them to have been the authors of Lord of the Rings instead of musicians.
  16. Celebration Day doesn't have the fantasy sequences bogging it down. And it's probably got the best live version of Kashmir ever.
  17. My theater had to delay the start of the movie for about 10 minutes because they didn't have the unlock key, but they solved it pretty quickly after that. There weren't any volume problems during the film. The theater manager said the keys issue was going on almost everywhere that was showing it. Such a shame that people got all hyped up to see it only to get let down.
  18. That's the truth. I was able to find all of the Van Halen albums for $5 in the Walmart bargain bin. Same for Black Sabbath. When I was rifling through there I also ran across a couple copies of Coda, but I passed them up because I already own it.
  19. For a song to be Zeppelinesque, it has to have a catchy riff, heavy bassline and prominent drums. If you can't hear the bass or the drums very much, it's not Zeppelinesque. Lyrical themes are usually simple songs about sex and evil women (DAC, WLL, HB) or about more mystical themes (Kashmir, STH) The song can't be called "Zeppelinesque" if it's too heavy as well. If it leans to the harder end of Mohs Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness, it's not Zeppelinesque. The highest any Zeppelin song got on that scale is a 7, with "Wearing and Tearing." A Zeppelinesque song can be on the low end of said sca
  20. It's not a bad song, but it's not RP's usual style. That's probably why he was so shocked and was afraid it would get him typecast as a crooner. This was early in his solo career and he wanted Honeydrippers to be a side project, not a career-defining move.
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