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  1. What a shame all this Zeppelin mania has all but eclipsed what is a georgeous album by Robert and Alison Krauss.
  2. Rumour mill certainly is in full swing. I've had two texts already today saying Led Zeppelin for Slane, Ireland in 2008. Mind you this time last year it was supposed to be AC/DC. Peoples wishlists tend to get the better of them at times. Oh well, i just wish people would be patient and wait. That said, if i were in a band and 20 million people world wide were clamouring to see me..........What a boost that must be for The Band, just knowing theres that interest out there. WoW
  3. God, how rude. in that last post. Led Zeppelin are playing this whole debate like a fiddle. What better way to do business, and thats exactly what all this is about, Business, They dipped a toe in the water after how many years, and what happens, 20 million folks try to get tickets. Now is that not the cheapest and most effective publicity campaign ever in music. Radiohead did exactly the same thing, put out the new album effectively for free. And what happens, the whole fanbases is dying to have a tour. Much better than any rumour mill or advertising campaign. And the merchandise will flo
  4. maybe this has been mentioned before, but its Sunday and i'm a lazy beggar. However is anyone else of the opinion that whilst the packaging looks great, its actually ruining the discs themselves. Getting them in and out of the very tight storage is scratching and scraping the discs. I've actually taken mine out permanently, ripped the discs to my PC(therein lies compression issues) and put the discs into paper covers. Otherwise they are going to get ruined. my disc 2 was marked as soon as i took off the wrapper and the DVD wont even play in my PC, although its fine on my standard player. An
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