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  1. I knew from the get-go that Freezer had sent the show to specific people with specific instructions NOT to share it upload it anywhere. And these people comply 'cos they're afraid that if they go against Freezer's wishes that he'll turn off the tap to them. His fucking hoarder mentality is contagious, you know. I blabbed 'cos I wanted to goad Freezer into admitting that those were his intentions (which he did). Hell, there was one guy here on this forum (in another thread) who couldn't resist blabbing that he'd been sent the Baton Rouge show...until I pointed out that he'd been taken for a rid
  2. ...and where do most of these rumours originate? Zeppelin site named after a famous Louisiana hotel, no? Where the pathologically lying con artist of a moderator intimates that he has this uncirculated source and that uncirculated source...bullshit that is guaranteed to keep all the Kool Aid drinking members of the site coming back for more? Difference between here and there, though is here you can actually discuss this kind of thing, whereas over there there is no speculation allowed! Why is that? Moderators' guilty conscience, perhaps??? Personally I don't believe there IS a Houston
  3. I mean, Zeppelin had their ups and downs in '77, but I defy all the bashers once and for all to pick up a goddamn instrument, start a band, write some songs and go out and be a better band and put on a better show than Led Zeppelin did, okay? What was that? You're not a musician (I know there are musicians on this site, but they probably keep their mouths shut)? Then with all due respect, shut the fuck up about something you really know nothing about. You think '77 sucked? Fine...don't listen to it, and keep your bloody opinions to yourselves! Remember what John Paul Jones said: "Even o
  4. Christ almighty...is it possible to start a thread on this site without it dissolving into a fucking flame war?!
  5. That's what I'm trying to find out, if the thing's actually a fraud or not (my apologies for sounding both biased and bitter, but the term 'Reliable sources' seems like a bit of a misnomer when it comes to Zeppelin boots...) If the show wasn't taped, where the shit did the NBFBM sample I heard come from? According to the "Led Zeppelin Sessions Database": "April Fools Day" Label: Unknown Venue: Memorial Center Date: 04/01/1977 Sound Rating: M/AD/4 Media Type/Number: CD 2 Artwork Available: Yes Recording Information: This is one of those sets that are for completests
  6. ...You mean the one you said had the killer version of "The Wanton Song" on it???? Somehow I get the feeling that Freezer -or whoever you got this show from- has taken you, and undoubtedly several others, for a ride. Am I surprised? Not in the least, and I doubt I'm the only one...
  7. ...some people say this show is not in circulation. Yet there are recordings/boots purported to be this show. The Sessions Database site has a decidedly fuzzy sample of "Nobody's Fault But Mine" from this date. Not really enough to determine if it is indeed the Dallas performance, but the sample didn't seem to match any of the available '77 recordings I've heard (all of 'em.) Does anyone know what the story is behind this "April Fools Day" boot? Is it genuine or a fraud? I'm curious, 'cos as a '77 completist, if Dallas is the real deal, I'd like to track it down somehow...
  8. "Paranoia" is as good a term as any. Either the damn tapers are more protective of their precious tapes than Mama Bear with her cubs or the bootleggers are fighting one another in order to have the most superior version of the show. Six of one, half a dozen of the other...again, most of the 'consumers', as it were, aren't so picky.
  9. ...at least this guy doesn't go around sending hitherto unreleased/uncirculated Zeppelin shows to people with specific instructions not to share them, like Freezer does...I knew the bastard had sent out the Baton Rouge '77 show to people; I just HAD to goad him into admitting his motives. when are tapers going to realize that, if they don't want their precious recordings to turn up in the hands of the bootleggers, to a) keep their fuckin' mouths shut about what they're hoarding or b- don't share at all- especially in this day and age...you put up a show, it shows up on a bit torrent site, g
  10. It was the seventies, after all...I'd say rock stars who weren't "chemically enhanced" in those days are probably in the minority. The first time I heard the 23 June/77 show I could hear the cocaine in the performance...awesome show, but I almost got a buzz just listening to it; sort of like watching "The Last Waltz", Scorsese's film of The Band's final concert; everybody's coked right out! The thing is, it's like Steven Tyler saying he can't listen to any of the old Aerosmith albums anymore because all he hears is the drugs...boo hoo hoo. Nobody put a gun to their heads and made them do
  11. Listening to the "Bonzo's Birthday Party" boot as I write. Like many others, John Bonham's drumming -both the style and the sound- is what really got me into Led Zeppelin in the first place, and is certainly what inspired me to pick up the sticks myself (though I'm primarily a guitarist/bassist). I'll never forget, having been exposed to Zeppelin and the Stones, among others, all my life, but never really having sat down and listened to them- the drummer in my old junior high school garage band (I played bass) bringing his parents' old Houses Of The Holy LP over. He looked like someone had
  12. The words "Madonna" and "Led Zeppelin" don't belong in the same fucking sentence, let alone anyplace else. The woman's not worthy of wiping the finger gunk off of Jimmy Page's guitar strings, okay! I cannot believe this woman is still famous and making music. It depresses me that I can remember when Madonna first made it big -I was just a kid- and she's still around while many artists who actually possessed varying degrees of talent are not. I'm sure she is a Zeppelin fan (sarcasm)...it must make her absolutely sick hearing a band that actually had songwriting talent but also had musical a
  13. I remember watching a Plant concert on PBS back in the "Fate Of Nations" era. At one point the band went off in a blues jam and -this was cool- Plant's guitarist took his guitar off, held it out, Plant put it on and just ripped into this killer solo, then gave the guitar back to his guitarist (Doug Boyle???). I was surprised; I was not aware Robert Plant even played guitar at that time. But what surprised me even more is that, obviously the man can play when he feels like it. I'd be willing to bet that Plant could probably handle all the guitar duties on a solo album if he felt like it. I m
  14. The idea of somebody other than Jimmy Page playing the "Stairway" solo is as ridiculous of an urban legend as the one about some session drummer -Bernard Purdie I believe is the name- being the real studio drummer in The Beatles, not Ringo. You can tell it's Ringo on the skins and you can tell it's Page playing the solo. What next? "Robert Plant lip-synched on stage!"..."They used pre recorded drum tracks live!!"...give me a break. Don't get me wrong...conspiracy theories are a hobby of mine, but THIS one is as outlandish as the "No planes hit the World Trade Center" bullshit regarding 9/11
  15. I can think of a couple of similar incidents in my own life. My mum was the big Classic Rock fan (must be where I got it from); dad wasn't much of a music guy. Anyway, back when the 4 CD box set came out, they got it for me for Christmas. In our family, tradition dictated we opened one present on Christmas Eve whilst sitting around munching on cheese and crackers and veggies, etc, fireplace crackling away, and so on. Well, I opened the box set (I had all the LP's, of course- most of 'em from mum's old collection- Zeppelin III was scratched to shit; you could barely hear "That's The Way"...). M
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