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  1. I remember watching a Plant concert on PBS back in the "Fate Of Nations" era. At one point the band went off in a blues jam and -this was cool- Plant's guitarist took his guitar off, held it out, Plant put it on and just ripped into this killer solo, then gave the guitar back to his guitarist (Doug Boyle???). I was surprised; I was not aware Robert Plant even played guitar at that time. But what surprised me even more is that, obviously the man can play when he feels like it. I'd be willing to bet that Plant could probably handle all the guitar duties on a solo album if he felt like it. I mean, Mick Jagger has been playing guitar on Stones albums (and occasionally live) ever since "Sticky Fingers" -1971- but I don't think he ever played anything of any real significance until the slide guitar on "Back Of My Hand" off "A Bigger Bang". Hell, Sir Mick even plays bass on about half the album...point is, I'm sure he didn't just come across the ability to play lead all of a sudden in 2005 after strumming away for thirty odd years. Same with Robert Plant...by the way, isn't that Plant playing the acoustic on "Black Country Woman"?
  2. Poor Ray Thomas... ...or the one (Badgeholders night, if I'm not mistaken -pretty sure it's one of the LA '77 shows) where Plant says something like, regarding Thomas, "You'll have to forgive him- he comes from Scotland, which to you is a lot like Alabama!" Being Scots-Irish (though mainly Irish), I was like, "Ho ho..." Scotland's not quite as bad as Alabama... ...of course, lest we forget, the infamous: "...The Doctor was played by Larry Badgely..."
  3. From the LA Forum, 27 June, 1977, after "No Quarter": "John Paul Jones has finally got that strawberry tart out of his pocket, and he also got it out of his hair...and he woke up with a half-tin of sardines by his nose, so I guess he had a pretty pleasant sleep last night. And so it is a great pleasure that we introduce him with his three-necked instrument, which is why we're so ENVIOUS of him. (And the same to you.) For a man who's always stayed in the background, he's been getting a lot of strawberry pie!" First time I heard that, I was like, "What did he just say?!" Throughout the first set of the show, Plant keeps making reference to John Paul Jones and strawberry tarts...suddenly it all makes sense, and what he says is pretty smutty if you stop and think about it. Of course, judging from all the numerous references made over the years, maybe Percy just had a thing about...ahem...cunnilingus...the "Oh, Georgina" section of "IMTOD" from 19 March '75 makes that pretty clear. (mind you, I've got a bit of a taste for strawberry pie meself...)
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