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  1. I guessed someone would mention that... Robert sings high as hell, and even he sang lower live.
  2. Do you know how can I get the record drums and bass isolated?
  3. Thanks, if I don't happen to find a singer, what should I improve in my singing? I'm pretty sure I played it mostly right, but yes I will keep practicing.
  4. Hi! This is my first cover, its Achilles Last Stand. I used a backing track for the drums and bass and recorded the guitars and the vocals by myself. You can check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADHb32GrtRE
  5. Best song - The Rain Song Favorite song - The Rain Song
  6. Freddie Mercury and Robert a close second.
  7. StH seems appropriate. Achilles would come in second seeing how epic it just is.
  8. WHAT? No When the Levee Breaks? If it was there I'd definitely pick it. But since not, I took SIBLY and TFO: they both express melancholy and depression, although still very different songs. I've never been very fond of IMTOD... it's not so good to be that long.
  9. The No Quarter is an adventurer's tale? Well, I'd say ALS because I just did a cover of it and it's been in my mind alot lately. If Rain Song was an option, I'd definitely pick it.
  10. It was in february this year or something, I'd just gotten into queen at christmas and was browsing youtube. I stumbled across the earls court performance of Stairway to Heaven (not the full version, it was the video on the official led zeppelin channel that's edited to 2 mins) I thought that they were something different from Queen, and the performance seemed magical with all the lights and the red double-neck guitar just as the solo was beginning. I also felt that the band was more like about rocking your soul and Queen was more casual. Nonetheless I didn't get into Zep at that time. When so
  11. I loved reading this! Please post more of your stories! xD It's interesting to have a gate to the past even if you haven't lived there.
  12. This is impossible like everyone already said. All Zep songs are good. These are some of the best at the moment: 1. Stairway to Heaven (self-explanatory) 2. The Rain Song (insanely beautiful and perfect to listen to eyes closed in the night. I'd put this no1 if StH wasn't there) 3. Kashmir (it delivers a mystical atmosphere and takes the listener to a faraway place) 4. Achilles Last Stand (their most complex song and also their most guitar-heavy. All the little parts that are put in sequence or combined create an awesome technical experience. It's extremely fun to cover this song, also )
  13. I think it's because they released it first. If kashmir had been their first epic rocker, it would probably have been more famous. Then I'd ask why Achilles Last Stand isn't their definitive song... As for the topic itself, the three songs are too different to be compared. They are all in their own ways awesome songs.
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