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  1. There is a PC version as well. As long as the system/unit has a working USB outlet! None the less I've found a petitioning site that'll set me up, (and hopefully help me get the attention of Mr. Page) so that we may be able to learn/play his songs!! I hope you'll all sign!!
  2. I only kind of understand why most of Jimmy Page's fan's say he won't release anything to anybody, but then again, as fans, wouldn't you want that!! I believe if you speak, think, or feel negative towards something, and emulate that to the universe, then it will ferment itself into being something true. I think we should hope for the best always. Make it a reality.
  3. Oh I whole-heartedly agree sir!! They already have songs by Cream, Lynard Skynard, The Rolling Stones, and more!!! I'm getting it because of that, but if an update, with Led Zeppelin songs, comes on the PS3, I'm getting it.
  4. Yes, that's exactly what one does, and you are forgiven. I can't believe it took them this long to do it though!
  5. O.K. So I hope I'm not the only one who thinks that now that there is a game where you actually learn how to play songs on the guitar, Jimmy Page will release songs for them!!! He said that he wouldn't for Guitar Hero, because they could have spent that time actually learning how to play. WELL HERE IT IS MR. PAGE!!! I'd like to ask how (if at all possible) could we get his attention on this?? I mean, I know there are some out there who want to learn!!!
  6. Woah!! Where's BBC Sessions?! The greatest singing Plant did in a studio!!! It's evident throughout the entire Session!
  7. Out on the Tiles people!! The 1st progression is so Heavy!!
  8. I forgot to take that part out. I posted this on Facebook too.
  9. If you are a girl and Zeppelin is your favorite Band, and if The White Stripes (or just Jack White III period) are on your top 3 (<-but it's not mandatory), please comment on this status! I need to take a poll and ask a couple questions for a project I'm working on that involves music we love! Please and thank you!! I'll be posting this every hour on the hour so I get fresh answers. I might not contact u on here immediately but I'm working to ya! Once again thanks to all that help!! (Any age can answer, It would really help if you are in your teen through twenties though)
  10. Wow, that guitar player was awesome at the solo part!! that was pretty good playing. He stayed true to the solo, but with his style of playing it. NICE!
  11. Ok, this is not the response I was expecting, but now that I think of it I was really looking at the other parts of the music attempting to "enhance" Whole Lotta Love, but i never thought of Whole Lotta Love enhancing the other songs. And admittedly, I liked the Katy Perry Mashed part. Just not that shitty Dougie part. My people are so deprived. It's honestly deppressing.
  12. I'm completely livid about this. I'd hate to find out Jimmy gave it the O.K., but it seems that it's a personal mash-up. It's disgusting. I'd love to here your thoughts, but I do ask that you watch the entire thing. For some this will be difficult. For others a challenge. Let's just get this over with: Link:
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