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  1. JESUS CHRIST! AHAHAHAHA. Omfg That was hilarious.Especially the bit where he says she has to pay him for the bullets used.
  2. Its a required taste however,Pat Bateman likes to describe everything a persons wearing,if he likes it and whatnot. The movie did 2 things better than the book.The lines ''I have a slightly better haircut'' and ''Oh my god,It even has a watermark'' are only in the oul' film.
  3. The Clash would never be here for a few reasons 1)Joe Strummer was born with a heart defect that could kill him any minute, its lucky he even got to 50. 2)Topper was a junkie and Joe hated that. 3)Joe and Mick 4)Bernie ''Cuntface'' Rhoads
  4. Roar. The Clash Combat Rock is a great album. Cut The Crap is much worse. Give 'em enough rope and Sandanista! are their best albums.
  5. ^Yes I agree with him. TBH I don't like WH and I hate it when people that hardly even like her(This applies to Michael Jackson aswell) start becoming no.1 fans when they die.
  7. FUCKING AWESOME!!!!! I just jizzed listing to this 2nd only to Page
  8. The Clash most days. Zeppelin gets a day a week(Trying to listen to as least Zep as possible)
  9. How about Phil Collins? I've been a big Genesis fan ever since the release of their 1980 album, Duke. Before that, I really didn't understand any of their work. Too artsy, too intellectual. It was on Duke where Phil Collins' presence became more apparent. I think Invisible Touch was the group's undisputed masterpiece. It's an epic meditation on intangibility. At the same time, it deepens and enriches the meaning of the preceding three albums. Christy, take off your robe. Listen to the brilliant ensemble playing of Banks, Collins and Rutherford. You can practically hear every nuance of every in
  10. Their early work was a little too New Wave for my taste, but when Sports came out in '83, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically. The whole album has a clear, crisp sound, and a new sheen of consummate professionalism that really gives the songs a big boost. He's been compared to Elvis Costello, but I think Huey has a far more bitter, cynical sense of humor. [...] In '87, Huey released this, Fore!, their most accomplished album. I think their undisputed masterpiece is "Hip to Be Square," a song so catchy, most people probably don't listen to the lyrics. But they
  11. This is clearly a load of bullshit. Zeppelin songs USE barre chords,How can he write a song using barre chords if he doesn't know how to use them? And he always uses scales,Just listen to Stairway,It uses the pentatonic scale.
  12. Is there anywhere I can hear his(supposedly horrible)bass playing? I hear so much about how bad it is,yet on every Pistols bootleg I've heard,I can't even hear it. So could somebody please post something to hear his playing.
  13. The amount of misinformed information I seen regarding the issue is laughable at best. Apparently Anne Bredon Sued Jimmy Page.
  14. Every last band as big as THAT has to have greed in them and Zeppelin is no different. But not in this case,They weren't the only to do this and it saved them ALOT of money going to an unworthy cause.
  15. Clockwork Orange The Rape Scene and The Scene where Alex is rehabilitated. 2001-The part where HAL is disconnected will haunt me forever,Where he sings 'Daisy' Apocalypse Now-Where Kurtz reads out the poetry.
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