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  1. Any one willing to hurt a child deserves the cruelty of a lynch mob.

  2. Haha! Thanks for the welcome.

  3. Oh, Strider! Could you really blame for falling underneath the trance of the Golden god.

  4. Thanks, babe. I was wondering about the clip to actually see it. But, hey, I'll look at gifs, too. lol

  5. Hey love, do you have that snippet in your signature? Or, do you know where I could get it?

  6. Sweetie, I can't find that snippet in your signature. Is it on this site or only on the dvd?

  7. Feel free to be friendly with me. Sometimes, I don't bite.

    1. TypeO


      Must... refrain... from making... obvious innuendo...

    2. TypeO
    3. Honeybrown1976


      haha feel free to add innuendo!!! Life's short.

  8. Robert, obviously.

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