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  1. CD:

    Led Zeppelin I

    Led Zeppelin II

    Led Zeppelin III

    Led Zeppelin IV

    Houses of the Holy

    Physical Graffiti

    Digital (but burned on CD):

    My favorite songs from Presence and ITTOD

    Texas Pop Festival

    Chasing the Dragon

    Live at the Whisky A Go-Go

    Favorite songs from Robert Plant's Now and Zen

    Favorite songs from Robert Plant's Principle of Moments


    Led Zeppelin


    I guess my collection would be considered small and feeble. :unsure::blush:

  2. It can be toasted but normally i would cut the banana into small slices, spread them onto the bread, slightly mash them them sprinkle a little bit of sugar, it won't go soggy.

    My mum used to eat these by the bucketload when she was pregnant with me, ulltimate comfort food.

    I think its good for kids who tend to be fussy eaters.

    I'm going to try this!! My kids love bananas. Knowing that I can make a sandwich for them with sugar makes for happy times, lol.

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