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  1. Love in an Elevator - Aerosmith
  2. Honky Tonk Woman - Rolling Stones
  3. Any one willing to hurt a child deserves the cruelty of a lynch mob.

  4. Giants for the win! I like that. I'm so happy for Eli. I cannot stand Tom Brady.
  5. Yes, he is quite blessed, isn't he?
  6. No, that was a poor rendition.
  7. I'm glad the baby's healthy. Now, let's get Mom healthy. She doesn't seem so.
  8. Another photo! My hair's a lot longer now.
  9. I've been on television commercials I've modeled for local ads I met President Clinton I dislike red apples
  10. I know, right? It's so great to match your face to your words!! Minxter's a red-head! I love it!
  11. Get it, girl!! Nice seeing you. I'm a few pages back!
  12. Tell me about it. Though I wouldn't have minded a front shot (Whoa, did I just say that?)
  13. Why am I not in this thread? I'm faux-appalled!
  14. Pretty much the same for me. I have an Ipod playlist of them that I use at the gym or at home.
  15. What a great way to start the day!
  16. Hey, you thought it and I said it. LOL~
  17. BEST AND WORST : Album Best : LZ II Worst : ITTOD Song Best : Kashmir Worst : Hot Dog Band member Best : Robert Worst (least favorite): JPJ (too safe, too boring, but talented) Album cover Best : Physical Graffiti Worst : Presence (It's just meh to me) Tour I'm still figuring these out! Year Best : 1969 Worst : 1980
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