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  1. That man is an ever flowing waterfall of delectable smut and I love it.
  2. Haha I was far from offended. I was laughing. Peer pressure would have caused a scene, lol. What would the neighbors say?
  3. Haha! Fun times. I'll leave that one alone as I can only add to it and we'll get in trouble. (Is your name Tanya? If so, so is mine)
  4. No, he has a ponytail. He does look good in leather.
  5. Don't feel embarrassed. I do the exact same thing, especially during the Earls Court performance.
  6. I thought I was the only one looking at his fingers.
  7. Have him play some music in the background while he whispers sultry plantations in my ear under candlelight leading to my "re-schoolin'"
  8. He has such an adorable smile.
  9. I'd tickle something, but not his chin.
  10. Going to California. Listened to it on my move to - wait for it - Los Angeles from Philadelphia.
  11. My ovaries burst. Aw, he's sleeping.
  12. My goodness, that was a sweet post, if I should say so. Is it hot in here?
  13. I just thought it was a kick-ass outfit - nothing to get academic about, lol.
  14. Genes are a funny thing.
  15. I don't give out candy at my door (no one comes around). But, I do give out candy at my youngest son's school. I usually give out lollipops (Dums Dums), which are safe and small. Now for my personal bowl, I'm content with some candy corn and mini Snickers.
  16. ^Strider, I missed it. Was it any good? Right now, I'm watching the animated film, Bolt. Yes, I'm a big softie (Don't tell anyone! I must keep up the facade.)
  17. Having a cranky husband for three days in a row and counting
  18. Finding out that my son's hand/wrist injury is not a sprain, fracture, or break!!
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