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  1. That show's awesome. I cannot wait for its return. I wonder what dude whispered in the cop's ear. Watching American Dad reruns on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network)
  2. Making it through my Pilates class in one piece.
  3. ^^You might be on to something, Strider. I'll research that.
  4. Dreams - Yo Gabba Gabba Yep, there it is. A song from a kid's show is in my head. That occurs often thanks to my four year old son.
  5. It was "Whole Lotta Love" playing on the radio when I was a kid and seeing their images in record stores, tv, etc., I just grew to love them. As for bringing the funk, hell yeah, LZ's funky. They couldn't hide it if they tried. But, the one thing that really got me was their full-on appreciation of Blues, R&B, Funk, Jazz, and Soul music unlike many of their American (still until this day) peers. <----- Plus, damn look at the man.
  6. Going to the L.A. County State Fair and seeing my family happy. Oh, and getting a henna tattoo as a warm-up for the real one I'll sport for my 35th birthday this year. I gotta have baby steps!!
  7. Congrats!!! Enjoy every minute (even the trying times)!
  8. Good Times, Bad Times is just a great song and start for them.
  9. Wow. Just. Wow. Don't kick me. But, back in the 80s, I did love the hell out of "Heaven" and "Cherry Pie". RIP Jani.
  10. Haha! Thanks for the welcome.

  11. Oh, Strider! Could you really blame for falling underneath the trance of the Golden god.

  12. Thanks, babe. I was wondering about the clip to actually see it. But, hey, I'll look at gifs, too. lol

  13. Hey love, do you have that snippet in your signature? Or, do you know where I could get it?

  14. Sweetie, I can't find that snippet in your signature. Is it on this site or only on the dvd?

  15. Happy Birthday!! Make it a good one.
  16. Feel free to be friendly with me. Sometimes, I don't bite.

    1. TypeO


      Must... refrain... from making... obvious innuendo...

    2. TypeO
    3. Honeybrown1976


      haha feel free to add innuendo!!! Life's short.

  17. Love Me Two Times - The Doors (By the way, what's that clip in your signature!)
  18. 1. My name is Latanya 2. I am not a fan of rap. 3. I'm a teacher/writer. 4. Music saved me from a life of familial dysfunction. 5. I live with BPD, which can either make me a fun or scary person to be around - sometimes both. 6. I have two sons, despite looking no older than 21. 7. I'm a shopholic. 8. The smell of white milk makes me gag. 9. I have a B.A. in Journalism; M.Ed (Education). 10. Rodents freak me out. 11. My screen name can give you some hindsight to what I look like. Also, it would've been my alias during my love rounds in the 70s, if I had the chance. 12. I was born on December 7, 1976. Yes, I'm infamous in some ways, lol. I'm sure I can come up with some others.
  19. I love "Since I've Been Loving You" and "Tangerine". "SIBLY" is so damn sexy in it's bluesy background. It's hard to put in words. I must admit that I came upon "Tangerine" by watching "Almost Famous". Don't hurt me, lol. I'm a late blooming Ledhead/Zephead as I was too busy sipping the Kool-Aid of the Beatles, and to a lesser extent, the Stones. But, as long as you reach the destination, the amount of time doesn't matter, right?
  20. Have mercy on my married soul, please!!!
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