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  1. Have him play some music in the background while he whispers sultry plantations in my ear under candlelight leading to my "re-schoolin'"
  2. He has such an adorable smile.
  3. I'd tickle something, but not his chin.
  4. Going to California. Listened to it on my move to - wait for it - Los Angeles from Philadelphia.
  5. My ovaries burst. Aw, he's sleeping.
  6. My goodness, that was a sweet post, if I should say so. Is it hot in here?
  7. I just thought it was a kick-ass outfit - nothing to get academic about, lol.
  8. "Mr. Jones and me, we're gonna be big stars." Happy Birthday, JPJ!!
  9. Most definitely, HW plays a major part in RP vocal stylings (Steven's too). It can't be denied. I hear everything from the sexy screeching (good kind, lol) to the otherworldly deep vocal acrobatics. I believe Robert wanted to evoke HW whenever a mic was nearby. You can definitely hear how Robert studied HW without any intentional desire for disrespect or malice. Of course, he was limited since no one could muster truly the voice that was Howlin' Wolf.
  10. It was a good read. Thanks for sharing. As much as I read Cracked, I would have missed it.
  11. Damn it. I wished you wrote it, instead of him. I wish he would have just said that he hated the inauthentic means of playing blues or other black forms, instead of resorting to racial epithets. On the rest of the material, I see where the insecurities and jealousies lie. I respect Beck and all the guitarists that came before Jimmy and didn't get as much play as he did. I understand where they are coming from. Maybe that's why I'm neutral on most English band camps. I can't choose sides because I like most of them. Strider, thanks for your feelings on this. I appreciate your thoughts.
  12. I had no idea that Jimmy was doing that. Some people can handle the lion when he's out of his cage.
  13. ^^Ooh, thanks!!! I just subscribed.
  14. Exactly! I ceased to give his opinion any credence because of that one decrepit word.
  15. Jimi Hendrix is number one. Jimmy should be number 2 because he was influenced by Jimi. He also did his own thing. So, it's cool company.
  16. Genes are a funny thing.
  17. Rodents. Seriously, sometimes it's hard to look at squirrels, hamsters, guinea pigs, or chipmunks because of it.
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