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  1. Sounds great, please send me a link, & thanks. PM sent
  2. I have the original version, which I substitute into the re-mastered albums, but the sound quality is not the same.
  3. Does anyone know if the version of No Quarter is the full original version, or the butchered version from the first remaster?
  4. Hammersmith 12/10/12 Great Film the sound for me was excellent, but then I was siting just in front of the mixing desk at the back of the stalls. It was nice to hear the intricacies of the sound. It was much clearer than the actual concert. I guess the acoustics very much depend upon where you are siting.
  5. Just listened 'properly' to these tracks, excellent. Audience boots and poor accoustics at the venue on the night never reveal the full intircacies of a performance. People have asked how were they on the night? They seemed great to me, and the atmosphere was amazing, but these tracks confirm they can still cut it.
  6. joncl


    Achilles Last Stand wasn't as good on the 11th as Jimmy broke a string about half way through it. ( I had an enormous pair of binoculars ). Both gigs were wonderful for me.
  7. We are definately in agreement there Mr B. It was magick night, still can't quite believe I saw it. Best Regards Jon
  8. My 2 tickets and wristbands (Which I bought from a Charity Auction) arrived today. <---- See picture to the left. The tickets and wristbands only mention Ahmet Ertegun, there is nothing about any of the performers. The tickets and writbands both have holograms on them. My tickets were given to a charity by a certain Mr R Plant who is a patron. They are not VIP tickets (unfortunately), however I'm just grateful that I am going. No one who wins a competition or auction is going to have to 'buy' their tickets from Ticketmaster. Mine were given to the charity by the promoter, and then to m
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