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  1. Hi Zep fans, it's been a long time... but... here are our dates for the rest of 2013: Please remember to check with with the venue, just in case! By the way, I would just like to point out that Hats off to Led Zeppelin have just been awarded the title of the UK's Best Led Zeppelin Tribute Band by the Agents' Association UK and we will be performing at their awards ceremony in November. Here is a recent video from the Princess Theatre, Burnham on Sea, Saturday 27th April 2013, taken by our manager, Warren Grant. MAY Oswaldtwistle - Friday 3rd May MockFe
  2. Oops! Sadly the Youtube link I posted doesn't work! Here is a better clip of the UK's best tribute to the mighty Led Zeppelin: Check us out at www.hatsofftoledzeppelin.co.uk See you on tour! Hats off to Led Zeppelin are the only UK tribute band endorsed by Marshall Amplification and we are also managed by Warren Grant, son of the legendary Peter Grant.
  3. I have seen quite a few Zep tribute bands over here in the UK, but I have to say that I think my one is definitely the best! ; ) I am the drummer for Hats off to Led Zeppelin and I think we do a great job of capturing that Zep magic, excitement and energy. Check us out! http://www.hatsofftoledzeppelin.co.uk Here is a recent video: http://www.youtube.com/embed/XROM7UV7uO4
  4. I disagree that tribute bands are the worst form of flattery. They are just providing entertainment, like the countless bands out there playing covers at weddings, parties and the like all over the world. I love the music of Led Zeppelin and the drumming of John Bonham and I like nothing better than to play their songs with my band, and it seems the people that come to see us like it too! Check out this video of us playing Since I've Been Loving You at a gig recently: And check out our website for details of our current tour: http://www.hatsofftoledzeppelin.co.uk We are als
  5. Hi, Just to let you know: Hats off to Led Zeppelin's next show is the Saturday May 26th at the Old Brewery Store in Faversham in the heart of the Shepherd Neame Brewery! Here is a link to a website with more details: http://www.candyrockrecords.com/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=productdetails&virtuemart_product_id=18&virtuemart_category_id=1&Itemid=59#en Hope to see you there Zep fans! Simon.
  6. Hi Bonhamite, I already do use a Paiste 38" Symphonic gong and a set of Paiste 2002 red label cymbals in Bonham sizes, along with my Ludwig John Bonham Vistalite re-issue kit and my 402 snare. I don't, unfortunately, have any Ludwig timps, just a pair of Premier ones. See the picture at the top of the post if you can. Hi Barney, did you get to the Music in the Park gig yesterday, the weather was brilliant and we had a great, if slightly curtailed, time. Hope to be back there next year!
  7. Hi, thanks for your reply. Which thread should I be promoting my gigs in? Sorry to cause any offence but I was a the show last night and it was brilliant! Just wanted to let any Robert Plant fans out thereknow that we are keeping the music of Led Zeppelin live and alive, just like Robert is doing, but in a different way.
  8. Don't miss Hats off to Led Zeppelin this weekend: Friday 11th May Nottingham Arts Theatre Saturday 12th May Billingham Forum Sunday 13th May Music in the Park festival, Thame.
  9. The show last night was great! Robert really seemed to be enjoying himself and the band were awesome. If anyone fancies checking out a great Led Zeppelin tribute band, come and see Hats off to Led Zeppelin this weekend: Friday 11th May at the Nottingham Arts Theatre Saturday 12th May at the Billingham forum Sunday 13th May at the Music in the Park festival in Thame. Cheers!
  10. Cool! Went on holiday to Looe a couple of years ago, beautiful part of the country. We played in Truro last year but sadly have no dates near you at the moment this year. Are there any good live music venues you would recomend in your neck of the woods?
  11. Would love to be able to be at that gig! I am , obviously, a big Zep fan and also a fan of each individual members' solo careers.
  12. Interesting! Are you based in Cornwall in the UK?
  13. Here are the current tour dates for Hats off to Led Zeppelin, the UK's finest, most authentic and most exciting tribute to THE greatest and most influential rock band EVER! We are managed by Warren Grant, son of the legendary Peter Grant and endorsed by Marshall Amplification. We are also hoping to come to America sometime later this year. To keep up to date with Hats off to Led Zeppelin, check our website at: http://www.hatsofftoledzeppelin.co.uk or go to our Facebook page and 'like' us: https://www.facebook...140126786054245 or follow us on Twitter: @hotledzeppelin
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