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  1. That's what intrigued me the most personally. Of course if the stories WERE in fact "bigger" than they already have been (which seems like quite a stretch) he could have made quite a hefty profit if he did write a book.
  2. Hi again. We at Back Page Magazine are really proud of this interview, and wanted to share. One of our writers sat down with Henry "The Horse" Smith, a Zeppelin roadie from 1968-1973, for a long interview. Here's the link - http://www.backpagemagazine.com/2011/11/03/the-roadie-led-zeppelin/ If you recall, we also conducted an interview with Bill Ward of Black Sabbath a few months back, and I shared that with you here as well - http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?/topic/16271-black-zeppelin-myth/ Anyway, we hope you enjoy the interview, it's pretty exciting to read Smith's insights into what it was like being around the band right as they blew up to become the legends they were. Thanks!
  3. Why thank you, I wrote that one myself.
  4. Haha, I wish we'd someday be able to hear the recordings...I've actually read a bit on the Web about how bootlegs allegedly exist, but haven't seen/heard anything tangible. =/
  5. I write for Back Page Magazine, and we just scored a great interview with Bill Ward of Black Sabbath. In the interview, he discusses the "Black Zeppelin" session that supposedly took place in the 1970s. Zeppelin apparently hung out in the studio with Sabbath, and Bonzo went crazy on the song 'Supernaut'. This has been a rumor for years, as I'm sure you know. We spoke with Bill Ward and he discussed some pretty detailed accounts of the day's events, shining some light on an otherwise whispered-about dream for most classic rock fans. Apparently, it DID happen, and it sounds remarkable. Check out our interview here - http://backpagemagazine.com/2011/07/27/the-mystery-of-the-black-zeppelin-sessions-revealed/ and feel free to share the link around! We're excited about the interview, and hope you all enjoy it too. We're all fans, after all. Thanks!
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