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  1. comments like those really rub me the wrong way as a female. i love the music but i don't like the misogyny. that is why i really try not to listen to the lyrics, just the music.
  2. actually, there is one photo of jp that is not as graphic as robert's but does leave little to the imagination as well.
  3. thank you for the link. i have seen her quoted several places about the interview, slightly different wording. that said, the way that information travels these days different iterations of one story or quote can end up all over.
  4. yes, that was her name. thank you. i could not think of it when i was asking the question. maybe he could not do it by himself at that point? those seemed to be some lost years.
  5. lol, maybe i am just a selfish female but i have never done that for a guy. i thought it was really unusual ; )
  6. yes, i have watched that show quite a few times and that interview was really bad. it was obvious that there was a lot of tension between the two parties. according to mark, there was a lot of partying going on the night before and they decided not to go to bed that night. the questions that mark ellen asked were very insulting and roy and jimmy were acting out in response. to add insult to injury, they interviewed depeche mode after who were less than respectful! i just was a little surprised about the urination thing. i had heard it years ago from another source but did not take it too s
  7. that could be very true. the journalist and publicist thought it was just him being childish, but maybe he was reluctant to have any of his words twisted around. now, what do you have to offer up regarding the peeing incident, lol ; )
  8. i am glad you brought this up... i met him once and he was extremely kind, but it was just one time. i know that no one is perfect and everyone has a bad day here and there but there are a lot of things out there that suggest he might not be the nicest person in the world by people who are in a position to know... since you guys seem to know so much about him, i wondered if you would feel comfortable confirming or denying some of the things i have read and heard. mind you, these are not rumors that have been started by fans or others surrounding them. these things have been written by j
  9. i am sure that you did not mean any offense and i might just be overly sensitive but the way that this is worded kind of makes it sounds as if being asian is a negative? i am not asian myself but if i was, i would be kind of hurt.
  10. i would love to see more of the photos of him in that timeframe, but i understand if you don't feel comfortable showing them. i know that a lot of people don't like the way that he looked during the ARMS concerts but i actually thought he looked really great. i know he was just getting healthy and still had a ways to go but there was something very vulnerable and sweet about him in the concert and the photos.
  11. em1165

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    i was referring to the photo where he is walking with robert and two other gentlemen.
  12. i know that a lot of people have read a lot into this post. all he says is that the attended a concert with this person. am i missing something?
  13. em1165

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    does anyone have that OTD? thanks in advance.
  14. em1165

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    what is around his waist? he looks pretty wasted. i am kind of worried : )
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