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  1. comments like those really rub me the wrong way as a female. i love the music but i don't like the misogyny. that is why i really try not to listen to the lyrics, just the music.
  2. i would love to see more of the photos of him in that timeframe, but i understand if you don't feel comfortable showing them. i know that a lot of people don't like the way that he looked during the ARMS concerts but i actually thought he looked really great. i know he was just getting healthy and still had a ways to go but there was something very vulnerable and sweet about him in the concert and the photos.
  3. em1165

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    i was referring to the photo where he is walking with robert and two other gentlemen.
  4. i know that a lot of people have read a lot into this post. all he says is that the attended a concert with this person. am i missing something?
  5. em1165

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    does anyone have that OTD? thanks in advance.
  6. em1165

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    what is around his waist? he looks pretty wasted. i am kind of worried : )
  7. em1165

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    where did you read this? i have never heard him refer to his looks before...
  8. i love both bands. it is true that roger was more arrogant than lz. however, according to their own admission, pf never did any of the creepy things that lz did backstage. i guess it really does depend on what your definition of "sophistication" and "class" are. imho, pf is infinitely more cerebral and sophisticated than lz, but lz has more heart and soul.... apples and oranges...
  9. honestly, i don't get it, jonesy is the most classically handsome one in the band. he should have way more than 11 pages.
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