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    Car Jamming, having fun at whatever i'm doing, vinyl, Euphoria, dirty scrabble, 1960s and 1970s, cats, astrology, getting lost, Unitarian Universalism, Jimmy Page:), traveling(even though I'm broke), history documentaries, vintage shopping,mary jane etc.

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  1. Oh you are so incredibly lucky! What a great experience!
  2. Recent one of myself, did something brave and dyed parts of my hair pink!
  3. there is hope afterall! that article brought tears to my eyes!
  4. Nirvana-lake of fire (originally a meat puppets song) Black Keys-Grown So Ugly (originally robert pete williams) Johnny Cash-Hurt (originally Nine inch nails) Annie Lennox-Don't let it bring you down (originally Neil Young)
  5. Here are my cats: Salem Little man
  6. wrongeragurl


    My first tattoo! Peacock feather:
  7. wrongeragurl


    My Capricorn tattoo! may add onto it someday:
  8. wrongeragurl


    Holy crap that's amazing! I'm a capricorn as well and got something similar but didn't add Jimmy's birthday. or the moon and ascendant (i'm assuming?) It's awesome!
  9. Sun: Capricorn Ascendant: Sagittarius Moon: Aries, V house Chinese: Horse Anyone looking for their natal chart, which requires birth time and location for an Ascendant sign, moon, and house placements this website is extremely helpful: http://astro.cafeast...bin/astro/natal
  10. ANNE COULTER! and that scary bunch of inbreds known as the westboro baptist church(not really famous famous, but well known)
  11. I agree, the palmer house is fantastic! Really beautiful hotel. I have friends who go to Columbia College Chicago, and visit them often. Here it what I love about Chicago: The John Hancock tower. The Signature Room at the 95th is a fancy type of bar with the best skyline of Chicago, especially at night. Definitely can be pricey if you purchase more than one drink, but it's really worth it. http://www.signatureroom.com/Home/ If the weather is nice in March, Chicago has really nice Botanical Garden. http://www.chicagobotanic.org/ There is also navy pier, millennium park, Grant Park, etc. Chicago's chinatown is kind of overrated if you ask me, just the same old you'll find in any city. The architecture is quite beautiful though. Transit is really clean(well, cleaner than NYC!) and punctual. That goes with the whole city actually, very clean and people want to keep it that way. Try to avoid a cab if you can, very expensive when transit it way less. Of course there is the Shopping downtown and whatnot. Other neighborhoods such as Wicker Park, and ukrainian village have a ton of vintage boutiques, indie bookstores, vinyl shops. Something a bit more eccentric if youre into that. Giordano's in the loop has some serious delish pizza! There are pretty much good eats anywhere in the city. Ranging from any price. www.yelp.com can help with that. Also! if you're interested in the history of chicago pizza. http://www.chicagopizzatours.com/ i've heard really awesome things about it! Hope this helps!
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