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  1. These pictures are from 1975 not 1977 Kate Simon Photographer https://www.morrison...otographID=4735
  2. The CRAMPS are so awesome. I was fortunate to have seen them live they ruled the stage - RIP Lux "I use your eye-balls for knobs on my TV set"
  3. Wow it is hard to believe that it has been 30 years ago. I waited on baited breath for anything from Plant or any member of the band after the Zep break-up, I was not disappointed. This still remains one of my favorites of his solo work. I had it on LP and cassette tape for the car. Oh Burning down one side .....love it.
  4. Th lyrics to Misty Mountain Hop are my favorite - but honestly all of them are brilliant
  5. This issue is so great. I've never been disappointed but I love this issue. Dave is awesome
  6. OMG - never seen this one before holy shit!!!!!!
  7. I'm not a dude, but anyway my point is the "treasured" past you're talking about you obviously had and enjoyed for some 40 plus years. He gave of himself in the music he played, and through countless performances, all the while becoming arguably the best rock & roll band ever, which apparently is not enough. The "Led Wallet" nick name is in reference to not paying more for something then its worth. He has no problem opening that so called "Led Wallet" for valuable merchandise, homes, cars and countless charities. As Nirvana has more than demonstrated Jimmy's photographs are competitively priced and actually reasonable considering the quality. So my point is you can be angry about the cost of this and that. If they we're half the price, a quarter of the price would you buy one, probably not. He has more than earned the right to do whatever he wants, comparisons to Gene Simmons, hardly. As I said in another thread have you considered that he may have things happening in his life that have put him on a different path, perhaps family, health etc. Buy a bootleg, an album. countless collectibles on e-bay but leave they guy alone, quit bashing one of the greatest artists of the 20th Century.
  8. Its his treasured past not yours - apparently you have put a price tag on it - in the bargain bin!
  9. I think your wrong I don't think Halfin is dragging Jimmy around by the nose. Have other artists not done the same thing? I love and respect this man and he can do what he wants. If I could afford it I would buy one. I don't begrudge him doing this simply because I don't have the cash.
  10. I agree I think Jimmy does see photography as an art form and he has always pursued quality; this is not about money this is about his legacy and having quality collectibles is important to him. Jimmy can do what he wants when he wants frankly he doesn't "owe" anyone anything.
  11. I understand that many of his fans are frustrated with Jimmy saying he has new music and then not delivering on his word. Jimmy is a perfectionist most of us who are fans know this. Could it be he feels painted into a corner and truly wants to write and perform but has become paralyzed by peoples expectations? In terms of high priced items, I own the book, I love it. I thought it was an awesome opportunity to own something that reflected his contribution to music over four decades. On the other hand if would say I'm retired, he could end the questions about performing and get on with enjoying his life. He seems very happy and content and my wish is that he does what makes him happy. He has given us so much already, I find the negative comments sad. If you don't like what he's selling don't buy it. In terms of the old bait and switch comments I just don't see it.
  12. My favorite picture of Jimmy happens to be one of these photos Its the 1970 Jorgen Angel print. Hands down my favorite of all time if I could afford one that would be the one Id buy.
  13. Born Jan. 9, 1960 Capricorn Cancer - Rising Gemini - Moon Oh I'm a beleiver !
  14. I'm 52 and have been a fan since I was 11 - 1971 thank goodness for my friends older brother who introduced us to Zep at that tender age. I have the records, had them on 8-track, cassette and now disc. (Car decks change and you have to adapt). Trying to get Zep tickets back in the day was almost impossible living in Iowa.
  15. Thanks for posting the letter very cool
  16. Just picked this up today I'm not a fan of Rolling Stone, but its Jimmy so I had to have it.
  17. Steve I thought he had the single largest "private" collection?
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