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  1. being asked to be my best fiends Maid of Honor in her wedding...
  2. Bon Jovi...thoguh he's cute, they r sooo overrated.
  3. Giving Jimmy a private lap dance....;-)
  4. well. i luv older me. tired of the imature young boys
  5. single. currently have a BF..but looking 4 a special man. tied of boys my age. i need an older man
  6. he is truly magical. a soul that radiates warmth. hey...on a seperate note. is he still with his wife? the young 1?
  7. OMG. I would have thrown myself @ Jimmy....LOL. Guess im a bit obsessive...;-)
  8. even with robert..there can be no new ZEP. that ended with the death of JB
  9. Ive never ever heard anything bad said about Jimmy.
  10. Jimmy. If u r ever here. I LOVE U & want to have ur baby
  11. Why do u say that? All i've ever heard about Jimmy is that he's the sweetest man.
  12. I'd do just about anything 2 meet Jimmy.... :
  13. Hi..i'm 23. Been into ZEP 4 for the last few years...
  14. hotzepchick


    Hi everyone. I'm new to the board...but a big time ZEP fan. Looking forward 2 meeting some new friends!
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