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  1. Greetings to all!

    My name is Igor. I live in Russia. Led Zeppelin my most favourite group. 10.14.2002 years I were at concert Robert Plant in Moscow. It has made on me unforgettable impression. Very much it would be desirable to see Zep again in Russia in structure: Page-Plant-Jones-Bonham.

    Welcome!!! :D

  2. I've been divorced and single for a while now. I don't want a relationship just for the sake of having one. My problem is that the women that I really like are in their mid-twenties and not looking for a forty-something like me.


    well. i luv older me. tired of the imature young boys

  3. I'm not at all surprised to hear you say these things. I've never met Jimmy, but he seems like such a magical (no pun intended) and charismatic person. I've often wondered what I would say if I met him, and sadly, I think the only thing I might be able to get out is "You're awesome!" before I wet myself or something. :( Oh well, probably best to keep our relationship as it is - rock star and anonymous fan. :)

    Thanks for the story. ;)

    he is truly magical. a soul that radiates warmth.

    hey...on a seperate note. is he still with his wife? the young 1?

  4. I dont think I could have stopped myself from asking for an autograph. Unless he seemed in a foul mood. Of course sometimes they get sick of this sort of thing. Depending on the star. Hope he is nothing like Maddona! I would have said "hey Jiimmy! How much for a couple of guitar lessons?".

    OMG. I would have thrown myself @ Jimmy....LOL. Guess im a bit obsessive...;-)

  5. It's becoming clear that Robert wants a true "One Night Stand" with Zep and then he will move on...to whatever project he chooses.

    IF Jimmy decides to continue Zep, minus Robert, and move on with another singer - who would see the New Zep?

    I, for one, would. No Doubt about it.

    even with robert..there can be no new ZEP. that ended with the death of JB

  6. I think we should earnestly discuss the myriad ways women smell.

    I would find it fascinating ... and educational!

    I can think of five places (off the top of my head) women tend to be a little stinky.

    Girls ... don't be embarassed. This is a scientific inquiry.



    I smell like roses. Always.. :D

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