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  1. Thanks Nutrocker, I guess I have "silvers" then, most of my cd boots are EVS!
  2. Well that's been enlightening. I guess because I'm older (49 in Dec) I prefer a physical copy in my hands. I don't really know what torrents, flacs, etc. are. I wonder....is this what it's all coming to? free downloads and file sharing? I don't mind paying for a boot but not to extremes. Also, what's a "silver"? Does anyone here collect the fanzines like "Tight But Loose" & Proximity?
  3. That's Harper in that pic of Jimmy...maybe he dropped his toy gorilla?
  4. Yes, I think there was artwork issues with all 3 of those albums which did delay release dates by months. Not sure if that was what you were asking but it contributed. That and touring/personal issues.
  5. I am at a kind of crossroads...it's getting expensive to buy the cd's from Empress Valley Supreme and such, but I am old and haven't learned where and how to do the download thing. I mean vines, flacs, etc...What's all mean Basil? LOL, So I listen to my vinyl and cd boots whilst pondering the future. Personally I prefer having a hard copy, with artwork and booklets to look at.
  6. sounds like you'll be all set once you get a Les Paul!
  7. I think Plant and Jonesy would have collaborated more closely and synths would have become more prominent. Plants lyrics and style would have continued to move in the direction it did as a solo act...maybe not as strongly because Jimmy would have had some say in what they could put out. Jimmy has said that "All of My Love" was pushing the limit for him as a Plant offering at that time. Bonzo wouldn't really have changed much, his sound was Zep's foundation.
  8. As in, do you guys still actively seek vinyl, tape, cd Zep bootlegs for your collections or have you all gone the modern way? Do I sound old? Hahaha. I have all 3 of the above mentioned formats, mostly cd. BTW.
  9. I sold the Tele a few months ago, I prefer my '59 Les Paul Reissue, as for the amp...it depends on what you want for a basic tone, what style music will you be playing? That's quite the amp for your first. I haven't played one of those but I have played Tweed clones along with a real 1958 Fender Bassman. and a 1953 Tweed Deluxe. Cool amps but not for heavy rock or metal. Blues and blues rock should be fine.
  10. I had a 1982 Fender '52 Reissue Tele, the neck was good for chords but lead work was a little tricky with that small radius. You would need a bridge with the 6 individual saddles if you are that picky about your intonation.
  11. Best how? Some of the best Plexi clones are made by Germino and Metropoulos. http://www.germinoamplification.com/, http://plexireplicas.com/. If those are too expensive you can try Ceriatone or Trinity.
  12. He seems to know what he is talking about. The fretboard radius on the '52 Reissue is I believe 7.5" and when you do bends the note dies out too soon. A modern radius will be more in the 9-12" range and better for bending notes. I have bought parts from the Stratosphere before and they are always as advertised. They seem to be dismantling new Fenders by the boatload and selling them as parts. Your shop should be able to put together a Tele that looks like a '52 but plays much easier. Good Luck with your search.
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