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  1. Wow, nice little piece of history, that I knew nothing about...... thanks Bong man.
  2. I thought when he sold it was to start his own record com. el paraza or something of such. I think he was finished with all the Zeppelin circus, wanted to get away. And the music since has been all over the place, like Zep, like the proverbial box of choclates
  3. Yes! Very incredible musician! I don't think there IS anything he can't play!!!
  4. Sorry see you guys did discuss this
  5. Is this just Robert keeping the press going, because it looks bad on him that he keeps talking about how he's not the bad guy here, yet everyone else is willing. Acoustic would be fine, or reworks like unledded. So what's he playing at now? I tried and Jimmy walked away?
  6. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/robert-plant-disappointed-in-jimmy-page-and-led-zep-reunion-rumors-20140730 Have none of you read this yet?
  7. jimmy blowing harp, very cool indeed
  8. Wow, guess I haven't been following his tour dates. Just trying to dodge the Roo traffic on the way to work. I might have bought a one day ticket for this. He's so incredible diverse. Can't wait for the Opera John.
  9. OK, again stop, the bickering between the band members should stop, and so should we. There's a million options out there, but only they get to choose, and each to they're own. Let's just appreciate the different things we're getting from each........ and a pub stand up for a song or two, when the chance arises, but that's on them.
  10. The good the bad and the ugly, from many different sources, all in one place. Thanks SAJ
  11. To leave T-Bone/Krauss and the rest of that cast would have been instant blacklist for Plant in Nashville...... JTM this is ludicrous. I posted a article on another thread that would show the complete fault in your thinking. Buddy and he had met in the sixties. I think Nashville was a little in awe of him doing music locally, even as an outsider here. I am pretty sure Nashville would welcome him back with open arms.
  12. I agree with LedZeppfan77 in that the bickering should stop. It's not really bickering, Plant can have a bit of a sharp, humor, in his language. I think that Page commented about this at all, because he heard about the... ask the capricorns,I'm not doing anything in 2014. Robert seems to keep the press baying with these type comments, yet it must be infuriating for those who would have like to see it happen. I like that Plant added the second part about seeing things differently, after the sleep comment. So I would like to see no more negative comments by either. I think it takes away from the legacy of the music. I can't even imagine a verbal mud slinging contest between any of these talented people. Imagine what the people who have just been indoctrinated to the music would think, or the casual fan. So stop, don't do it. You are all too big for this, stop making the comment to the press. No more ask the capricorns, no more fed up, no more get a nap. Desist, this is Zeppelin.
  13. This is such good news, I looked for the chart status on release day, couldn't find it. Been enjoying mine since about 11AM, release day, and before on cloud ( the original). I hope they chart even higher, see there is still a BIG demand for Zep. Is the official album charts for original unreleased material, or does it include rereleases? I hope this does extremely well for the mighty mighty Zep (as our local rock station refers to them)
  14. Well I myself am enjoying the Amazon cloud player with my three purchases. John and Page wanted to do more, and new, music. But...... well we all know what happened there. So I would imagine that was a dissapointment for John Paul, but he did well, and keeps expanding his musical horizons. Can't wait to hear his opera, he's been wanting to do something like that for awhile . I think he's super talented, and while he would have loved to do the Zep stuff again, he'll be fine. And don't really think anything about him not making a comment on old music he did being re-released. He's on to the new things now. And HE doen't tease about I'm not busy in 2014, or ask the capricorns. GO John GO.
  15. Ah yes, fond old memories, that's always good to hear from any of them.
  16. Yep, I meant to say Miller, sorry about that. Here's a local music magazine article, probably already seen since it's 2010. http://www.nashvillescene.com/nashville/how-buddy-miller-brought-robert-plants-band-of-joy-into-the-heart-of-americana/Content?oid=1798568 And doing Tall Cool One as well. Oh my, anyone got video of that incarnation?
  17. I hadn't heard he'd canceled his Fallon appearance. Because you know Fallon would have been asking lot's of questions about Zeppelin's music and etc. SAJ... What about Band of Joy, with Buddy Guy? That did pretty well, and better than pretty well here around Nashville. I saw him twice during the 80's on Manic Nirvana, and Now and Zen. There were some Zeppelin sounding things....but it was kind of his own cut loose, as well, and he rocked fairly large auditoriums.
  18. Again as posted on another thread, why not just hook up when schedules permit. Just play together, something, doesn't have to be Zeppelin stuff. They are so talented. And they are each all over the place musically, that's what made me buy the albums in the seventies. Never the same thing. And now Plant and Jones are still all over the place musically. I was glad to hear Plant did some of his solo stuff at the Jazz festival in N.O. He pooh poohs Zeppelin stuff but still does it with others on tour, and he has pooh poohed some of his solo work, but is (Hopefully going to contiue) doing that now as well. I think what I hate the most about Plant's interviews ....he pooh poohs any work with the x Zeppelin members, but then......leaves the door open, like a tease.
  19. I don't think he wanted more attention, he was after all the front man, and got plenty of attention. I think he just wanted to get away from the whole crazy scene it had become, and give a try to his own stuff. That's all cool. It's the little slights he keeps thowing out ( he was to enthusiastic, he's embarressed by it, etc.) Well he's not to embarressed by it to do it live on his tours. What would be the point? Do you really think that is what Jimmy wants? What would you as a fan get out of a one-off in a pub? Do you really think it would end there or would everyone on this board be demanding a world tour even those who thought a one off in a pub would suffice? Everything must come to an end and I think the O2 was a pretty good show to end with. Black and Gold.... Me as a fan doesn't have to get anything out of it, others would. Does Jimmy want it? Well he's gotten on stage with others and done a song or three, so couldn't say if he'd be game. And who cares what everyone on this board want from them, tuff for us. clw: Even if they did a tour I know it would be no where near me,they would have to do a 10 yr tour to satsify us all This is true. They'd never get off the merry go round like that. So don't. I just sometimes feel Plant is still using the whole Zep/no Zep thing for publicity. Jimmy gave his answer.....I'm not the singer. It just leaves a bad taste in one's mouth/brain. Just to pop up somewhere, on occasion, and do something would probably increase the interest in the older and newer music, and help sales. But of course possibly increase the frequency of the question.........Will Led Zeppelin tour again? Well here's me for hoping, against probability, that they will all hook up again.........in whatever capacity. They are just so talented people, getting older, and I understand it won't be the same ( neither am I anymore) but that's all ok with me. In the meantime I hope they all keep putting something out there.
  20. Well for my part I don't quite understand why Plant is so against anything to do with it. Yes he has his own career, but is he really that embarrassed by the body of work? What would be wrong if they got together in a pub, unannounced, for charity or something. No tour, no fan fare, just do a few numbers, doesn't even have to be they're stuff. Just three great musicians. I know there would be schedules to work out. But no pressures, no follow up shows, no annoucement. Plant has moved on, ok I get this, and I like his stuff. But don't quite get why he seems to be so down on his Zep contributions. Yes it is what it was for the time, but Unledded, with it's different versions was great too. So I'm a little confused that he'll still play the songs in different versions with others, but not with them.
  21. Has this already been posted? On youtube... Led zeppelin "LED ZEPPELIN (DELUXE EDITION)" Official promo video?
  22. I hope it's goes online, to see it free, to see how well the score matches up. To pay money for Anger's benefit? No way! Didn't he say it was all rubbish and unuseable? But now he uses it for $.
  23. From his web page, no dates or locations. Pretty sure last two are 1984 @ Old Mill House.
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