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  1. Wow, nice little piece of history, that I knew nothing about...... thanks Bong man.
  2. I thought when he sold it was to start his own record com. el paraza or something of such. I think he was finished with all the Zeppelin circus, wanted to get away. And the music since has been all over the place, like Zep, like the proverbial box of choclates
  3. Ok, another great post I have never seen. Thanks so much for that Sam! I had no idea of the Lord Sutch and heavy friends situation. I thought Jimmy Page and he were friends and that's why they did it. Thanks for that Sam.
  4. Nice! Something I haven't seen before. Thanks! Can you identify all the peeps?
  5. This is an excellent idea. I am with SAJ in that the locals contribute, as it will generate tourist dollars for them. This should have been done long ago. They ( in Redditch ) have a unique claim to fame, having raised the world's greatest drummer. Sign me up for a few.
  6. Much missed and imitated, yet to be matched. Happy Birthday.
  7. Yes Strider I remember this. Everyone of they're albums was on the chart. Quite a accomplishment considering everyone thought punk rock would take over.
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