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  1. I DOUBT IT. He doesn't have a forum on his own website so I think we can safely guess how he feels about it. I think I read somewhere that he said that he doesn't even know how to turn on a computer.
  2. In the book Whole lotta Led Zeppelin, there is an essay by George Case which covers the instruments that JIMMY used, i.e. his guitars, amps etc. to achieve his sound. In the last paragraph he writes, The bottom line is that LED ZEPPELIN leader Jimmy Page's three most important musical utensils, were his hands (1944, WITH LATER MODIFICATIONS) ears, (ditto) and soul (origin unknown) To me that says it all.
  3. just saw jeff beck in October. Fantastic show. He played with emotion and even talked to the audience.
  4. Taro, I totally agree. Jimmy became "SLOPPY" if u want to call it that because of one thing only. THE DRUGS. People may disagree but to me that is the reason. He was well known in the early session days as a player who could play virtually any style and do it well. No rock group in the 1970's would be expected to play exactlyas on their records. Just the physical and mental stress of constant touring coupled with the heavy drug use takes it toll. Having lived my early years during the late sixties and seventies I can tell u that it was a wild ride. JUST MY 2 CENTS WORTH!!!!!
  5. One thing that would have changed would be the outer sleeve to the fourth album. Jimmy Page was so pissed off about the way they were being treated in the press especially the bad reviews for led zep III that he decided that their name would not be anywhere on the fourth album. The musical content would still have been the same but the look would have changed. He wanted to proved they were not just all hype as the press said and that their music would be accepted on its' own merit without their name attached to it. There probably would not have been a need for the 4 runes. So I guess it
  6. Brian Bedford is a well known English stage actor. He did indeed appear in the movie Grand Prix with James Garner.
  7. yes, looks like 1972 not 1975. His hair is always a dead giveaway also he still has the baby face!!!!!!
  8. nice pictures in rs. unfortunately, they got the year wrong on three separate photos. ROLLING STONE, CLUELESS IN 1969, STILL CLUELESS!!!
  9. I saw ONCE UPON A TIME last night too. Pretty clever of the writers to slip this into the story.
  10. aen27 Could the woman be Janine Safer Swan Song Publicist? It looks like she is handing or showing something to jp.
  11. Janet, according to Neal Preston, the pictures were unusable because he had a shutter problem with the camera
  12. Hi Pb! Someone correct me if I am wrong there is something off about that sticker. Would Atlantic have called it Led Zeppelin IV?. It must have been put on by someone else later on.
  13. PB! I don't know if this helps, but it is my understanding that when a record is pressed in one country for shipment to another, they put the country code on the label. I don't see one on your record it should be in the top right hand corner where rps' rune is. Also, Atlantic did put stickers on the shrinkwrap of a lot of copies to identify it to the public.
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