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  1. Four Sticks, which they did only once in Copenhagen or wherever it was, wish there were a soundboard of that show from May 1971.
  2. Bonzo always will be my preference.
  3. Indeed people have to remember what Memorial Day is for, and it's not an excuse for firing up the grill.
  4. The scene in the first few minutes where we see Robert Plant's two children, Carmen Jane and Karac, playing in the nude in this body of water, I doubt very much parents would let their children do such a thing nowadays, even if the body of water were secluded as it had been here.
  5. Where is the contest notice in the magazine issue of having a chance to win this set of Paiste 2002 40th Anniversary cymbals? I haven't obtained a copy of this periodical yet and I would like to see that.
  6. Aren't the photos with Bonham's stainless steel kit from an unreleased video of a live gig? I am sure it's not Seattle from Sunday, July 17, 1977 that's already out there. Which gig are the photos from?
  7. Thursday, September 25, 1980 - The day the music really died.
  8. I do video production myself, so making home movies on the laptop is a good place for your 10 year old son to start.
  9. Good place to start for your son making home videos, I make home videos myself.
  10. Thought I would share photos of the two Ludwig "Zep Set" kits I own; the Ludwig Classic Maple "Zep Set" in Natural Maple finish and the Ludwig Limited Edition Stainless Steel John Bonham kit: Also included are photos of the two other kits I am in quest of that I told all of you about in the post introducing myself in the Meet & Greet folder. As stated before, the Ludwig Classic Maple "Zep Set" in Green Sparkle Wrap finish would be custom ordered with the Ludwig blue-olive parallelogram badges instead of the keystone badges you see in the photo. Don't worry, I have a
  11. To answer why I started to play the drums, I don't know what else to say except it's an instrument I have always enjoyed, on my seventh (1978) or eighth (1979) birthday I had gotten as a gift this Disney Rocktet toy trap drum set. Had also taken lessons in the mid-1980s, in 1984 I had gotten my very first Ludwig set, it had been advertised on our local cable system by an area doctor, Piano Black in color, with Granittone on the insides of the toms and bass drum. The snare drum happened to be a 5" x 14" Ludwig Supraphonic I believe, the toms and bass drum sizes were 8" x 12", 9" x 13", 16
  12. Thank you very much for your welcome. I do know a lot about the band, and have read that ridiculous book "Hammer Of The Gods," and I believe my older brother has also. Speaking of my older brother, Keith, who predated me by eleven years, though not on the same month and day, his birthday was August 29th, mine was October 14th, he nearly attended one or both of their Oakland, California concerts in late July 1977. He had a high school friend who had tickets, but Mom told him we had to go on with relocating to near Houston, Texas from our home in Alamo, California. After the move, he had
  13. I'm David, 39, to be 40 later in October, essentially the same age as the fourth Led Zeppelin album without an official name. Perhaps the rest of you might consider this the first time someone on the Autism Spectrum; Asperger's Syndrome, to be exact, has become a member of the official Led Zeppelin forum. I own two Ludwig drum kits; the Ludwig Classic Maple "Zep Set" in Natural Maple finish and the Ludwig Limited Edition Stainless Steel John Bonham Set, with my eye on purchasing a couple of other Ludwig drum kits down the road before I call drum kit purchasing quits. Also have an interest i
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