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  1. I asked myself why choosing “When the Levee Breaks” and “Stairway to Heaven” ? I got the response : "These songs were selected not only because they in many ways epitomize (represent) the music of Led Zeppelin, but also because their several and deep levels of meaning" But I think a lot of Led Zeppelin have several and deep levels of meaning. So, I don't really understand this choice...
  2. At the very begining of chapter 1, the author writed that When the Levees Break is "an adaptation of the blues song by Kansas Joe McCoy and Memphis Minnie". In fact, the dissertation was about the "acoustic properties of the recordings, that is, where the instruments are situated within the stereo sound field; how they are timbrally manipulated with effects such as reverb, echo, distortion, and chorus; their relative levels of prominence; and how these factors interact to create meaning in the song" (Aaron Liu-Rosenbaum).
  3. When I listen to Led Zep music know, I have, say, 1 minute of disconfort because I think about my dissertation, about work. But, after that, I go deep into the music and I enjoy. I don't enjoy less, but it's sure I listen to Led Zeppelin music less often because of my dissertation. But my work is much more motivating and people are often susprised and sometime don't find that it's very serious. But there are wrong. It's very serious...
  4. Did you know that two songs of Led Zeppelin are interesting enough to write a doctoral dissertation on them? Aaron Liu-Rosenbaum, a doctoral student at the City University of New York, published, in 2009, his doctoral dissertation entitled: ““A Kind of Construction in Light and Shade”: An Analytical Dialogue with Recording Studio Aesthetics in Two Songs by Led Zeppelin”. The two songs under study are “When the Levee Breaks” and “Stairway to Heaven”. If you want to learn more, I attached a 24 page free preview... What do you think about that? Personally, I am very happy to see that
  5. If you remember where you saw this survey, let me know. Thank you.
  6. Z-o-S-o : There are some questions I can't answer now because I am not allowed to by my disseration supervisor. Sorry. But I will be happy to respond later, when enough people will have participated in this survey. Reggie29 : Thank you for your comment. It's very appreciated. It's going on...
  7. Ten persons completed the questionnaire until the end in the first 24 hours. It's a very good begining... Thank you very much !
  8. Hi! My name is Damien Hallegatte. I am currently doing a doctoral dissertation at Université du Québec à Montréal (Canada) and, at a same time, I already hold a position of assistant professor at another university (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi). I teach marketing, and I do research in consumer behavior. In my doctoral dissertation, I want to understand the sustained interest for rock bands of the 60’s and 70’s and explore how these bands can please their fans. I chose Led Zeppelin because I think that’s one of the most representative rock bands of the 60’s and 70’s. I also love Led Ze
  9. Any song that last more than 6-7 min in the album version or, say, 10 min in concert (usually) and that is very famous, like Stairway th Heaven or Dazed and Confused, and even more those with extensive battery solo like Moby Dick because you don't hear that very obften in the 80's, 90's 00's...
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