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  1. On our current budget, we'de never be able to afford it. We were picked from the lottery & are privliged enough to be able to attend this once in a lifetime reunion / tribute concert. However the date change costed us an extra $800 US funds. Ouch! We only live once. We love Led Zeppelin's music. However to more cash you have, the more you spend. If we had the cash, we'de spend it. It's not about the money. It's about what makes us happy...........You can't put a price on that! That's priceless!
  2. Koo-dowes to you Lady Elizabeth of the Pagettes. Well said! I totally agree with your opinion on this subject!
  3. Being a tribute show with the proceeds going to the Ahmet Ertegun Education Fund. You know there will be a CD & DVD. Just for the sake of rock n roll history being made & documented. They could always touch it up, if need be, before selling it. A pay per view on the other hand is live (the real deal) It would generate some serious cash for that fund! I'm looking foward to the real deal myself As well as looking foward to the CD & DVD to follow.
  4. It's been a long time since LED ZEPPELIN's rock n rolled. We are looking foward to the long awaited reunion. One more time!
  5. Thank you for the official forum! Indeed we are counting down the days to see Led Zeppelin for our very fist time. It will be quit a journey! Thanks again! Kevin & Cheryl, alias, VinTheSin

  6. Great to hear finger is on the mend! Looking foward to the show! We love your music! See you soon!
  7. Good day to all! It is our desire to meet Led Zeppelin. To say hello, shake their hands, and thank them in person for the excellent music they have given us. We grew up on Led Zeppelin! My wife, 50, and I, 42, have never seen Led Zeppelin perform live. We entered the lottery & were chosen! We live in NewBedford, Ma. USA. We are excited & privliged to attend the O2 reunion show on December 10, 2007. Kevin & Cheryl Costa
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