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  1. Agree with that he always seems to be in the shadows
  2. Great find Wolf, sure sounds as if something is in the works
  3. from the wife: Mothership CD Led Zep Boxers (I will look cute in those)
  4. Pats by 7, weather here is going to keep it a low scoring game
  5. Nice thread to start Livewire, I think reflecting on the concert keeps reminding us all what a special band Led was/is. I spent the night of the show on this forum with my TV on VH-1 (Led concerts/TSRTS). Shit, I think they should make December 10th a Holiday. I hope they give us a tour
  6. Just got home from work, was hoping to view. sure doesn't take long for greed to set in. Oh well guess I will wait for the DVD. On the way home I heard on the radio (Boston Station) the BBC is broadcasting that a tour is on just waiting to confirm dates, anybody else here this?
  7. Jailhouse Rock - Elvis (UK) Don't - Elvis (US) Diana - Paul Anka (Aus) Now these are some real oldies
  8. Absolutely, they have not done a set like that in a very long time. I bet their drained.
  9. Download 21439 Upload 2173
  10. I do not see much info about touring, just fan quotes. glad I combed my hair
  11. Why wait until 2010, the sooner the better. Have to keep the momentum going
  12. there has been talk of new material, in recent interviews Page has stated that he has been working on new material for the past 4 years. we just have to sit back and wait
  13. "For much of the show, even with a full, wide stage to themselves, Page, Plant and Jones stood in tight formation at the foot of the drum riser, often facing Jason, as if they were still in rehearsal." This part of the article all Zep fans know is the way it has always been. No matter how big the stage was Led Zep always remained in tight formation, Plant never running about the stage ala Jagger, or Page running off to the other end of the stage to do a solo. It has always been about the music and enjoying each other's playing.
  14. I did see some coverage from the Associated Press and MSN here in the states. Thought there would be much more, biggest re-union in the history of re-unions. Same old same old, no media respect
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