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  1. This. You never know what will stick in the mind of a jury, but if they think they are being misled, you better believe it will colour their opinion. I have only read about this case from afar (and not in detail), but what stuck out to me was this part of it. A hint of dishonesty can turn a good case into a bad one very quickly. The apparent inconsistencies I have read about, between interviews and testimony under oath, are troubling to my mind.
  2. Does anybody know where I can find a copy of the actual claim issued by Spirit's attorneys? I would be very interested in reading it.
  3. Are we positive that is Led Zeppelin? http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?/topic/20194-rare-john-bonham-footage-w-paul-mccartney-backstage-1976/?p=695138
  4. Me too. It settles that if Sam says someone is John Bonham, it's John Bonham, and you would be foolish to go on the record asserting otherwise.
  5. The feeling is mutual! Your talent and creativity are matched only by your thoughtfulness, intellect and warmth.
  6. Saw that on the news. Uggh. Hope you are ok.
  7. Ugh. Pretty sickening stuff. Jealousy does strange things to people, I guess. Rather than being grateful for the valuable insight you have provided to this forum (and its predecessor) for over a decade, these people feel that they have to tear you down because they know no other way to deal with the fact that you obviously enjoy relationships they so desperately crave for themselves. That is pretty much the definition of pathetic. These types of idiots have managed to chase away several people from this site over the years who had real knowledge of the band or other genuine contributions. Their behaviour really begs the question, why would anyone come to a Led Zeppelin forum and seek to alienate the people who most likely have the information you came looking for in the first place?? It is a testament to you and your devotion to this community that you have stuck around through years of this type of bullshit (though this most recent event is beyond anything I have ever seen). What irks me the most about this is that these guys, who have made a career of hiding beneath a cloak of anonymity - probably even going so far as to spoof IP addresses or logon from their local internet cafe or library - have set out to deprive you and, even more troublingly your daughter, of your anonymity. It takes a special kind of shitbag to behave in such a manner. Knebby, I realize that the two do not in any way offset each other, but I hope you can take some comfort in the outpouring of support in the posts above. The guys who did this are in the minority around here. I will add my voice to the chorus and say I have always enjoyed your posts and appreciate all of the valuable contributions you have made to this forum. Oh, almost forgot, one last thing - To the morons who did this: You should be aware that your act is likely a violation of copyright law (as you did not own the picture you posted), privacy (or data protection) law both in the EU and possibly in your home jurisdiction. Also, depending upon where you reside, your actions may be offside cyberbullying and cyberstalking legislation and may also give rise to civil remedies for which damages may be awarded. Sleep well.
  8. A Couple of shots in Central Park. Surprisingly taken on an iPhone 5....
  9. ^ok Greenman, gotta ask - how you get the light to do that
  10. Another great shot Bingo!
  11. Hi Virginia, Thanks so much for posting here. I have dropped you a note about your artwork via your website.
  12. This weeks photography lesson was nudes.
  13. Steve - when you say you posted this as a "reference" does that mean that you own all of this or do you simply have the scans? Beautiful collection either way, but the professional way that the pictures appear to be shot makes me think it is probably the latter.
  14. Did my first ever studio shoot with a live model a couple weekends ago. Got some great shots. This is one of the better ones:
  15. ^^^that is simply an awesome shot.
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