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  1. Musicians, especially well established and successful musicians, have become much better business people. All of them have sharp pencils on their "staff" which protets them from shady promoters and vendors. Today, with all of the creative ways to market your brand, a band like Led Zeppelin could expect to gross 1 billion dollars from a world tour. Also, don't forget, with respect to the worlds richest list, unlike a Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, each of whom has their wealth tied directly to publicly traded companies (Microsoft, Berkshire) where everyone on the "street" knows the value of their stock, a musician can keep as much of their holdings and personal wealth secret as they choose and only share what they want to share. I can say this with almost absolute certainty, some mid level corporate accounting bureaucrat in Page and/or Plants publicists office released only that information that was approved by the assistant to Plants business manager who answers to his lawyer who probably answers to his personal manager who probably answers to his girlfriend or some other close and trusted relative. When you have this much money, you don't hold a press conference and announce it. Plant has said in the past that he doesn't know how much money he makes, how much money he has and he said he certainly doesn't give any of it away. These guys have been burned too many times and the last subject that interests them is money. I understand Mick Jagger is a rare musician when it comes to the financial side of the music business. They say he's actually a quite shrewd business man. More power to him but most artists are exactly that, artists and so they leave the accounting to other people while locking it up behind a trusted team of lawyers, accountants and trusted friends and family.
  2. I don't agree with that. First, I think Page probably spent more of his income over the years on real estate, rare art, etc., than Plant did and those assets may or may not be taken into consideration when doing this type of ranking. Also, keep in mind, in addition to Zeppelin, Plant has had a successful solo career with a few platinum selling records including Now and Zen, the Honeydrippers and now Raising Sand. Plus he's had several successful world tours over the last two decades unlike Jimmy.
  3. Wow, where to begin. First of all, charity is something people need to engage in irrespective of their station in life because we are called to love one another and to love our neighbor even as we love ourself. Having said that, remember that while there is no doubt these wealthy musicians can give a lot more money to good causes than most of us can, they are also taxed at an enormously high rate. I live in America so I am not that familiar with the tax system in England, but, from what I understand, it is not particularly favorable to capital formation which means the marginal rates are pretty high and I'm sure progressive (i.e., the more you make the higher the rate you will pay). Isn't this why the bands from the 60's, and 70's, (Stones/Beatles/Zeppelin) had "tax holidays"? So the Queen didn't confiscate 100% of their income for the year? Bottom line is the wealthy already give away a significant percentage of their income to the government via income, property and other forms of taxation. Even middle class taxpayers in America are paying almost 50% of their income to the tax man. Hmm...tax man, wasn't there a song about that?
  4. I saw Page perform with Paul Rogers in 1983 at the Arms Concert in Los Angeles at the the LA Forum. I also have the show at the Albert Hall on DVD as well as a terrible quality DVD from the show in San Francisco. I think they only did a few North American cities; San Francisco: Los Angeles and I think Dallas. I will never forget the audience reaction from the show in Los Angeles. I had pretty good seats and Jimmy walked on stage in almost slow motion...he knew what the reaction was going to be by then as I think they had already performed in Dallas and San Francisco by the time they did the Forum show. I remember reading an interview by Pete Townshend where he said everyone would stand backstage to watch Jimmy walk on stage because the crowd wold go absolutely wild like nothing they had ever seen before. Townshend said it brought tears to his eyes because it was so obvious how much Jimmy's fans love him. Anyway, Jimmy's performance in Los Angeles was fantastic compared to the RAH show in London. I remember watching that RAH show on MTV thinking wow am I the only one who thinks he's playing horribly? But I'm such a huge fan and apologist I never admitted it until now. LOL! Anyway, Page and Rogers debut Midnight Moonlight that night in Los Angeles, at least to the LA audience, and from there The Firm was born and Jimmy brought the band back to LA Forum twice and I saw them both times. They were GREAT!!
  5. Yeah, Beck was notorious for being the ultimate high maintenance prima dona from what I've read over the years...Jimmy was probably high maintenance when it came to working with the record company vis-a-vis releasing singles, etc. But from all accounts, Jimmy is the consummate professional when it comes to giving his absolute best to those whom he agrees to play on their record. Beck must have been an absolute nightmare in that regard.
  6. Better? Probably, maybe even certainly. Greater? Not even close...BUD!
  7. awesome song...great album. Still remember where I was when I heard the first release from this album, driving home on the freeway here in Santa Barbara California. I remember thinking that life couldn't get better...Jimmy was finally rocking hard again.
  8. Thank you...I never believed I could live this way, without my daily escape via two or three bottles of wine. But yes I can...or as Obama would say, yes we can...!
  9. I went into a 30 day rehab for alcohol on December 7...no TV, newspapers, computers, etc., allowed. My wife would visit me on Sunday's and bring me a smattering of reviews of the 02 show she faithfully gathered from the internet. I was like a kid on Christmas. I couldn't wait to sit with my always filled coffee cup and devour every word and detail and in spite of myself, imagine what it was like to have been there. Perhaps the one and only place on earth that I would have preferred to be even more than at my own home with my 4 precious kids. But God is good because today I spent the entire morning and early afternoon watching the Led Zeppelin DVD. What made this experience especially electrically magic is my new Bel Canto EVO2i integrated amp, Marantz DV8400 universal player and my new and very sweet pair of Focal Profile 900 series speakers. Wow...did I mention the 50" Sony Hi Def TV? Did I also mention I can now enjoy doing something like this sober? Sobriety is sweet in more ways than one my friends. But this morning it was almost like being there...ok, maybe not but the subtle nuances captured by the 5.1 Dolby digital sound and the sheer power ad presence of a realistically reproduced music experience via my new audio infrastructure was, in a word; sensational. Now that's how I like spending a lazy Saturday after a hard week. Now I hate to start a fight amongst you fine folks, but as the world's biggest Zeppelin fan, and yes I am indeed, I sit patiently waiting for the innuendos, rumors well articulated and meticulously defended bona fides to fade into the background and JP/JPJ and Robert emerge and introduce those of us, particularly those who have carried their torch for 30+ years, to their collective musical prowess circa 2008-2009....
  10. I agree. But let me suggest something. And this is by way of how business works...you don't spend time and money putting together a new web page, hiring Sam Rapallo so that he gives up his electric magic page which he has been running for years, along with creating a fabulous Myspace, while inking deals to put your music catalogue online along with purchasing custom instruments, etc, for a 2 hour trip down memory lane. This is marketing 101. The facts remain the same, Led Zeppelin Inc. is up and running and the business and marketing logistics going on behind the scenes are enough to impress the savviest Fortune 500 CEO.
  11. I also read about the instruments being made special for this gig which got me to thinking that there must certainly be serious plans for a 08 tour with that type of investment. I know its an important show but lets be honest, would Page and Jones really require custom made guitars for one show??
  12. You are right, just reread the reuters story on MSNBC.COM
  13. a pay per view would be a great idea, all the proceeds could go to charity incouding Jimmy's ABC Trust. Although I suppose it wouldn't be appropriate since the show in question is for a specific charity. But who knows. I know someone paid $170,000 for two tickets on EBAY and those moneys are going to the ABC Trust.
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