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  1. Absolutely that's true. Yet, it's not that important either. My point is, don't make that point out to be more forgiving than it needs to be. The guy's review was what the kids today would call an "epic fail". That he stands by it to this day makes him a jackass, not just someone with a point of view. I'm willing to grant leniency based on then being different times, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't call a spade a spade. (sorry, couldn't resist ...that's not a racist expression, btw.)
  2. Well, if his goal was to be "coming from" ignoring what's important about music, and more specifically, at least a couple of the greatest songs (and greatest musicians) in rock history, I guess he was wildly successful.
  3. Takes some balls to not recant on his review even all these years later that basically amounted to overlooking all that musical brilliance and chemistry because he didn't find the lyrics poignant. I wouldn't want someone like that being even a casual fan of my band.
  4. First, thanks for that Otto! Where were you weeks ago? I pretty much had 85% accepted that was the chord anyway but it's also cool to see such a great behind the scenes. To tdc, anyone can have their opinion, I didn't care if you disagreed. I just found it annoying you didn't even say why...as if you were just ignoring my immediately previous post. As it turns out, well, you were, but apparently not on purpose so no harm done. To bouillon, wrong chord. That purple haze chord is not how Jimbo plays it. On a related note, notice that after Page shows Perry the chord he flubs it the
  5. On the album, why would you think he plays it as a C root when Page himself called it a G root chord? It also means you don't trust the tab from the magazine that interviewed Jimmy about it (the tabber specifically pointed out that the A-string 3rd fret is not being played but that people always think it is because JPJ's bass is in the mix)? Also consider that Jimmy specifically said the chord is unusual and you're suggesting very common chords instead. You could be right, but it's odd to gloss over that rather compelling evidence to the contrary. To clarify, when I was talking about the
  6. Answering my own question here... I've now seen the magazine with my own eyes. It's transcribed by Jimmy Brown as 31033X...which is exactly how DewieCox said he plays it. You win Dewie, walk hard indeed! As Page suggested, it's quite different from most of this thread's guesses and other sheet music book's transcriptions rooted in C (apparently because that's the note JPJ plays). Of course, the interview was done by Brad Tolinski not Jimmy Brown so there's no way to know for sure that Brad got Page to show him the chord and Brad passed along that info correctly to transcriber Jimmy Br
  7. FireOpal, thanks for the info that it was actually from Guitar World November 2011. Online it didn't get posted until Dec. That link in the first post worked when I posted it. Guitar World must've removed it since then. Anyway, I'm sure I'll come across that issue one of these days. Here's another location for just the article: http://thefalconsnest.wordpress.com/tag/jimmy-page/
  8. The april 24th is one of my favorite zep live tracks ever. Agreed, the drums sound amazing. Moment after moment is riveting. I definitely prefer it to the 27th, though I'm not saying that one isn't good too ...and the 27th has a clearer sound quality. You do have to pay attention to which boot of the 24th you get though. Earlier on there was only the inferior sounding version (that I first heard on my bootleg collection boxed set I bought in the mid-90s...whatever that was called).
  9. To be clear, my point of view is that short of the possibility that Jimmy mentioned the chord, showed the interviewer, but the interviewer forgot or Guitar World's left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing and published a previously transcribed tab without the updated chord... ...There's no point in starting a debate when we don't have to. Nor should we have to try out different chords or ask Jimmy on his website. He already told us right there in a widely published magazine (and seemed to suggest that past tabs, including the ones I just posted were wrong) and if one of the doz
  10. I appreciate the anwers from you both, but still...no info how you came to that conclusion. That is, I still want to know what Guitar World Dec.2010 said it was. And maybe that's what both of you two were telling me, but you didn't specifically say so.
  11. Thanks for moving the post mod. I figured the musician's forum had been scrapped only because (I realize now) I had gotten myself in the Main Forum Subforums directory, which doesn't include this one. Bouillon, though that's close to what I vaguely remember, I have to ask if you are getting that literally from the recent magazine article tab...partially because it's hard to believe I could forget a chord shape so simple (though it wouldn't be the first time my absent mind failed me) but mainly because Jimmy himself suggested previous tabs had been incorrect and simply muting the questionab
  12. Hmmmm, I dont' see a 'musician's' forum so... Can anyone that gets Guitar World magazine tell me what that "block" chord was that Jimmy refers to in that Dec.(?)2010 issue where he is talking about the Immigrant Song outro? I read that on the newsstands but forgot what the chord was by the time I thought about it again at home. The online article features everything but the tab and I presume that Jimmy revealed to the tab author or interviewer what the chord was. The guitar world transcription was definitely different than how the Hal Leonard zeppelin 'wheatfield' collection one tabs it (and
  13. As Laura and others said, for those of us who weren't around back then, it's a treat to read such a detailed, exciting concert experience story. I literally got goosebumps a few times. Reading your post made me think of how I'd never been a huge fan of TSRTS (the song) until I heard it live at my first Page/Plant concert. So powerful and I remember thinking the atmostphere was like Beatlemania when they opened with it. It almost blows my mind to imagine what it must've been like to see those songs performed by the actual Led Zeppelin in their prime, but you did such a good job of describin
  14. Also, and I guess I'll make a proper post in the master forum if no one here knows, but...can anyone that gets Guitar World magazine tell me what that "block" chord was that Jimmy refers to in that Dec.?2010 issue where he is talking about the Immigrant Song outro? I read that on the newsstands but forgot what the chord was by the time I thought about it again at home. The online article doesn't feature the tab. http://www.guitarworld.com/article/jimmy_page_discusses_led_zeppelin_iii?page=0%2C1 "PAGE: Its a block chord that people never get right. It pulls the whole tension of the piece
  15. I'm the OP. I eventually got the Bluray and did an A-B comparison. Note that my TV's upscaling could be different from yours, but I also have done this comparision with other DVDs/Blurays so my conclusions should still be sound in a relative sense. The difference is significant, but not large. However, and this is part of the reason I started thinking about the Bluray when I already owned the DVD in the first place, even though the DVD may look better than the VHS, it doesn't look good for a DVD. Because of this, the medium jump in quality going from DVD to Bluray makes it definitely wo
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