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    I'm Will, I play guitars, bass, drums, etc. I am a classically trained violinist. I collect specifically the better sounding Led Zeppelin, but need all I can get! (9/19/70 late show is just fine to me, anything better is a bonus). For Zep, I like every era except the 80 tour. (Minus 2 shows with a little help from some folks here!)

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  1. Listen to the first 5 tunes from 5.30.77 again. Seems like you folks have forgot how good 1977 really was on a good night. And NQ from 5.22, as well as Since I've Been Loving You, are a DREAM my friends. EXCELLENT.
  2. Are you F**KING KIDDING ME? "The only thing an LA 77 board would be good for" ????? YOU ARE BANISHED! GO! Kidding, but even with the great Millard tapes, there is no doubt that a board of 6/21, 6/23, and even 6/25 and 6/27 are my holy grails. The other shows (22nd and 26th) I'm not too familiar with, but they sound just as well performed as any of the others to me, also.
  3. Lets just say he almost made them, but he was singing so well that night, it sounds incredible to me.
  4. Bring this up because its a great song and something I've hunted for years back... Last time would be 6.28.72 (I think, if it wasn't played that night, 6.27.72) but he came close to the high notes many times (did OK) on the Japan '72 leg. Not sure if he went for it during the late '72 gigs, but by '73 the vocal part was changed to a lower register. What I find fascinating is that his voice was doing so well in June '77, especially New York and LA, there IS one New York '77 gig where he goes for the high notes in Over the Hills and Far Away.
  5. dernit!!! you guys need to give a solid (turn it up loud) listen to these shows. 5/30/77, 5/22/77, 6/21/77, 6/23/5/7/77, 6/7/77 a listen, and get back to me. are you listening to music on your alarm clock? turn it up!
  6. Then next time he's ask he'll say something that conflicts with his first comment.
  7. One of my first live zeppelin (underground/unofficial cd's) was the Super Slinky 4 show box set, audience recordings from 3/17, 3/19, 3/20, and 3/21, which was probably why I started collecting more recordings, and eventually finding more soundboards. Thats where it all started for me! Not sure the actual name of the set, but the cover art is the ernie ball super slinky guitar strings case, with the title and dates etc. Great 4 audience recordings too. Those are the definition of "good/great audience recordings", which sometimes are better listens the soundboards, for an all-rounded live liste
  8. Great show. Really great. Probably the best from '75. BUT, what I don't understand is why it has such a reputation? Is the playing REALLY that much better than the other Seattle & Vancouver gigs then, or the 3 LA gigs after it? I think the LA gigs are probably a little better (if all equal quality soundboards existed and were listened to side-by-side) than 3.21.75. I think 3.20.75 is superb, but I don't hear folks raving about it. Maybe the warm, rich, excellent audience recording made 3.21.75 sound better than it would on a SBD? IDK. I'd take the LA 75 or 77 gigs on soundboard, but 3.21.7
  9. edit: thats the video, the cut happened right at :35 seconds in that video. cut for obvious reasons, its not very focused playing, and Jones is introduced as "on bass and Hammond Organ" which would confuse almost anybody watching/listening to the DVD version. Just pointing it out because this was one circulating item that I missed for a long time, only found it recently.
  10. If that HMMT isn't the version with the complete intro, with each members introduction, there is one out there. That sounds 95% as good as the official release's sound quality. It was release on a compilation boot by itself, mixed in with other live & studio outtake stuff. Kinda like how the ~3 tracks, the raw untouched multi-tracks of WIAWSNB Dancing Days, and Moby Dick, from 6.27.72 were release. In a similar fashion. If you can't find it just ask, I'll see what I can do.
  11. When everybody is freaking out about a LA or NYC 77 board, I'm gonna find you and
  12. LOL. I'm pretty sure a lot of us would be yawning during that class.
  13. I agree, but only after we get a good LA 77 board (oxymoron, they all are great), and a good NYC board (which should be much less sloppy playing-wise than 6.7.77)
  14. I'm glad that us 1977 fans don't feel as alone as we used to, and now we have more soundboards from '77 to really show the magic that was happening on stage. Here is my list, and they are all great, but some really shine more than others. (by the way, I don't think 5.28 is as bad as folks say it is... IMO the muddy recording and thin guitar sound makes Jimmy's playing seem worse than it really was. i'm sure in the audience he sounded great!) 6.23.77 (only a snippet, but it's #1 on my list because its a good sign that the rest of the show was recorded! ) 5.30.77 (simply stunning performance and
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