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  1. Haha I don't know about trying to get very rich from a test pressing .. I just know that a serious collector will understand the value and pay to have this record. I had a great offer on it, but didnt take it because I didnt want to sell it at the time. I started the biding at the average of the emails that I received on Ebay after I listed it at 100k. Listing it at 100k got people to message me yes they told me I was crazy!!! LOL but they also told me what they think its worth and what they would pay for it. So from the messages I put the starting bid at the average. Thanks for your comments
  2. Thanks SharPei I appreciate your offer but I am going to hold on to it, it's a "master" piece of history thst was put to vinyl and I have one of the first pressings of the millions of records ever pressed. To me it is worth a lot because I grew up listening to these amaizing musicians who made this record. I am sure many people will agree with me that if they owned it they may never want to part with it!!
  3. Thanks for the links, I have had this in my collection for about 12 years, never touched it. I am dying to play it before I sell it!... If i sell it ....
  4. One of my friends gave me his whole record collection, he was a hooked in with the record companies back in the 70's.. Still in the original plastic sleeve and record jacket, no fingerprints , Record engravings on the vinyl says ST SS 763683 F on one side and ST SS 763684 F on the other, was wondering if anyone knew how much this would be worth to a collector. I think it is one of the two records of Song Remains the Same LP. I have been looking for the second vinyl but no luck yet. I collect 12" dance test pressings and promos but this is something that I have no idea about. I Love Zep, no
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