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  1. Thank you David for these wonderful pictures. That's as close as I'll ever get to the magic.
  2. Both nights at Knebworth (One in Blu Ray) 24th and 25th at Earls Court (one in Blu Ray) Christ, I'd give my right nut for these.
  3. Yeah, it sound like total chaos. Must have been so exciting though. To say I'm jealous of people who were there is a bit of an understatement. I saw most of the big names back in the day but Zep is not on my CV godammit.
  4. Given that there were many incidents during the 77 tour of people throwing stuff at the band, letting of rockets and fire crackers etc, was anyone ever arrested and convicted of these offences?
  5. I'm just watching TSRTS on Blu-Ray. It's the closest I'll ever get to watching Zep live. Given that no-one was really happy with the way the film turned out, my question would be: Looking back, how would you have done the whole project differently? In the book "When Giants Walked The Earth" it's suggested that both Directors had trouble getting the band interested in the project and getting access when they needed it. Jimmy must look back now and regret this, as we've ended up with a document that is both enthralling and badly flawed at the same time. Given that Jimmy has always been a perfectionist and control freak it seems strange that he just handed over the creative helm to someone else. The Blu-Ray goes some way to improving the film by including the missing songs and the re-mastered sound track. I'd just be interested to hear how Jimmy envisioned this project in his head when it was first conceived. I'm sure he must have had some firm ideas at one time.
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