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  1. Don't know how many people know of this, but Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/search/boards/?q=led%20zeppelin have many boards dedicated to the Mighty Blimp. A great suppository of Zep photies, some of which I hadn't seen before.
  2. Congratulations to all Slovenians. I want to go there on my holidays, its so beautiful.
  3. You lucky so and so. Why can't they invent the time machine already?
  4. Hi Roger Thanks for all the hard work you have done on this thread. I always check for updates every day. Can I ask, is there much 1968 - 1980 stuff we haven't seen yet? Keep up the good work. Barney
  5. . Sort of I guess. The fact that Jimmy was planning this project hints at the amount of multi-tracked material available to him in his archives. I'm sure a lot of people here would like specific performances of songs released in TSRTS re-master quality.
  6. Just tripping through the Roger Berlin thread and in a few 70's interviews/articles there is mention of Jimmy compiling a live album charting the history of the band from '69 onward. Any ideas why this didn't see the light of day, and is it something he has planned for release as part of the re-issue packages? Or maybe even a stand-alone release? Barney
  7. English Football League Championship: 18 Sheff Wed 19 Huddersfield 20 Millwall 21 Barnsley 22 R Peterborough 23 R Wolves 24 R Bristol City Poor Percy. They'll be playing my team Wycombe Wanderers soon. Oh well, never mind, we'll make him very welcome in sleepy Bucks.
  8. I played "When The Levee Breaks" so loud in the bath my missus threw open the door to complain and caught me washing my willy.
  9. RIP Storm Thorgerson. The cover of Wish You Were Here is one of the defining images of the 70's. One of my top 5 albums.
  10. You might, if it's the only way to get hold of new video footage.
  11. Opinions will be very polarised on Mrs T. That she changed the political landscape of Britain forever is undeniable though.
  12. Thank you David for these wonderful pictures. That's as close as I'll ever get to the magic.
  13. Is that Chichenitza Roger? I was there 3 years a ago. An amazing place!!
  14. "Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth, at the apex of that band's popularity in the mid 1980s, mused that "the reason most rock critics like Elvis Costello is that most rock critics look like Elvis Costello." I just pissed my pants laughing at that line. Brilliant.
  15. Seems odd that this song never came out on Vinyl as it was obviously important to Jimmy.
  16. If Jimmy is working on old Zep material, I hope it's video. It's time the TSRTS wrongs were righted.
  17. I'm just turned 54 years old. In England In the late sixties I grew up on the commercial pop of groups like The Beatles, The Hollies, Tremeloes, Manfred Mann and such like. This shaped the musical taste of my early teens towards a more commercial sound. There wasn't very much rock played on the radio back then, and still isn't to a large degree unless you listen to specialist stations like Planet rock. In the early70's I remember thumbing through album covers in record shops, looking at the Zep 1 and 2 sleeves and thinking how "heavy" it all looked. I guess my taste at that age just wasn't developed enough to appreciate the goodness within. But by 1974 when I was 16, I had been bitten by the rock bug big style. I was heavily into rock groups like Deep Purple, Bad Company and Pink Floyd, but somehow Zeppelin had bypassed my conciousness. I guess this was down to a lack of exposure of Zeppelin in the English media at this time, and also my growing taste for the pure Heavy Metal of bands like Judas Priest. I was young and dumb, what else can I say in my defense. I remember borrowing a copy of Physical Graffitti in 1975 from my mate next door and thinking that it sounded a bit pedestrian and just plain "old fashioned". Of course the English Punk and new wave explosions followed in 1976 and the "dinosaur" bands like Zeppelin were sidelined even further by the English music press. By the time this phase had burned itself out, Zep were gone. The 80's brought soft rock and the LA glam rock scene. When you look back with the benefit of hindsight and "maturity" you can realise how insubstantial all that shit was. I'll excuse some Def Leppard and Van Halen from that statement. In the early 90's I gave away all my Vinyl discs to a hospital charity and replaced only a few of the albums on CD that I was giving a regular play to. I guess I just basically fell out of love with rock music due to a busy life just getting in the way. The closest thing to rock music that the UK produced during that time was Oasis. The time when England dominated the world rock scene was long gone. Dance musc was now King. The new millenium brought downloadable media and a desire on my part to recapture my youth through the music of the 70's. On a whim, I bought Physical Graffitti off iTunes and instantly realised what I'd been missing for the last 30 years. Of course every other Zep album soon followed. It was like discovering a huge hoard of burried treasure. A seam of the purest Gold. I guess it was just fate that I was meant to re-discover Zeppelin later in life. Now of couse, never a day goes by without me listening to Zep music of some sort. When "her indoors" is watching soap operas downstairs. I'm upstairs "air guitaring" to a packed MSG audience. Just a sad old git I suppose. Long live Zep, long live Rock and Roll.
  18. I want an Earls Court 75 full DVD package. I've got no chance.
  19. So between 1978 and 1980 there was almost nothing being written. Make you wonder if the group could have made the transition into the 80's even if Bonzo had lived.
  20. Given that the 1980 US tour was already in the planning stage, would Jimmy have had some material in a finished/unfinished state ready to be included on a potential new album? Was a new album mooted, or was the group in too bad a physical and mental state for that to be possible?
  21. Look at the qualty in that 1971 album chart. Truly a golden age.
  22. So just how did Jon Lord manage to make a Hammond organ sound like a tortured raging monster?
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