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  1. Tower House is beautiful inside and out. And Williams place if I remember rightly was built by Michael Winners father and is also very magnificent and already has and indoor pool that Williams wants to increase. To my knowledge Williams has not slept there a single night since he bought it and why he wants a recording studio when he sings like someone whose tone deaf god knows. That area is very strict with the planning, you even have to have planning permission to crop the trees. So hopefully the permission will be thrown in his face and he'll be told where to go...Back to LA.
  2. Kashmir & White Summer, Any other Zeppelin tunes?
  3. He's obviously not that good otherwise he would have made it in the UK
  4. I loved it when he toured with this album and opened the set with "Watching you" That drumming as an intro was brilliant.
  5. Bought and read this today, Its pretty rubbish. Nothing new in there, Save your money chaps, Honest.
  6. No-one has this as I took it myself
  7. oooh, Wonder if thats on uTube anywhere? I have the proigram on DVD where Harper and Paige are on the hills playing and being interviewed.
  8. Listened to Whatever Happened to Jugula today, First time for some years. What a great album this is. Forget what a great voice Roy Harper has. Album has great accoustics and typical Pagey 80's sound. Really underatted.
  9. Just wondered if many people collected stuff? I collect Programs, Key rings, Badges, Cuff links and Bootlegs and other stuff. If so whats your prized possession as well? My prized one is my Original 75 Earls Court Program that my Sister gave me that was my Late Brother-in-Laws.
  10. Just wondered what software you chaps use thats free to convert flac files etc?
  11. A True Gentleman and a good friend

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