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  1. Tower House is beautiful inside and out. And Williams place if I remember rightly was built by Michael Winners father and is also very magnificent and already has and indoor pool that Williams wants to increase. To my knowledge Williams has not slept there a single night since he bought it and why he wants a recording studio when he sings like someone whose tone deaf god knows. That area is very strict with the planning, you even have to have planning permission to crop the trees. So hopefully the permission will be thrown in his face and he'll be told where to go...Back to LA.
  2. Does anyone know why the next two albums are so differently priced more importantly why HOTH is so expensive? http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00M889YQI/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE £45 for the baisc CD set?
  3. I'm sorry to report I just watched last nights show and our Jimmy was not on it at all
  4. Er it does, Because the Beatles we're classed as No1 i.e. beating Zeppelin to the best Rock Band vote. Beatles are Rock, PLEASE..Yeah and the Sex Pistols we're easy listening as well eh
  5. Aqua, Are you actually saying Twist and Shout is a Rock song?
  6. Only a yank would say the Beatles are Rock. The Beatles are not big in the UK like they are in the states mainly because we never fell for the hype. They made some classic tunes and sold billions of records granted but their not Rock. Learn you Genre's pal
  7. Always makes me laugh, Beatles are not Rock and they shouldn't be number one anyway. We all know who number one is don't we peoples
  8. I was shocked (But pleased) that Jimmy's mum was there, She must be pushing 90 now? Brilliant.
  9. Just ordered this although it was $19.99 + $9 to the UK shipping. Worth it though I think.
  10. Shall I copy it and put it on here, Shall I, shall I Piss Mr Halfwit off
  11. Andrew Marr had no idea how to interview, Barely gave Robert a chance to finish he's answers to the questions. Robert and the Gang played one track in the studio Live at the end for those who cannot view it. Not my type of music really, But still think he's brilliant. Interview was about 5 minutes long.
  12. My little bit of glory was talking to Paul Rodgers on Talk Radio in about 1996, I have it on CD somewhere. I asked Paul if Shooting star was written for Paul Kossoff, He said it wasnt. I then asked him what he's favourite Free track was and he said "Come together in the morning" He stated because of Paul's solo guitaring was brilliant in that track. Indeed it was as it was on all Free's records. RIP Paul, Another great talent lost.
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