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  1. Anybody have a working link to the video?
  2. Thank you so much for sharing! How fortunate we all are that these have been found!
  3. Damn -- the impermanence of the internet. Since Ross Halfin revamped his website recently, all the old stuff is gone.
  4. More like Rolling Stone's attitude towards the band.
  5. Would love if someone could specifically identify when/where these photos were taken. I'm leaning towards 17 or 18 December 1993, Tokyo, Japan at Yoyogi Olympic Arena, but there aren't a lot of photos available of those shows that I could find. That is his Les Paul No. 3, correct? Thanks in advance.
  6. I so agree! Coverdale/Page is one of my absolute favorites of all JP's work. If another thread is opened I hope I find it!
  7. Still wondering who the photographer was!
  8. I see lots of people who claim the last name of Page, so having Page in a name doesn't mean much. I find it odd that Jimmy Page would have autographed a 1980 tour sweater so impersonally if it was his half sister. Maybe she picked the sweater up elsewhere. But of course you and others may have more info that would verify Errington as actually a half-sister instead of a poser.
  9. And I, for one, am grateful that you do so refrain. It is so tiresome when people try to guess what was going on in their personal lives, especially when they have themselves, refrained from talking about it themselves. Thank you.
  10. Steve, do you own this piece of memorabilia? Or do you know who does?
  11. [phew] I thought it was just my computer/internet setup. Thanks for the reply!
  12. I guess the whole idea of JP's not archiving the On This Days was so that people would have to come back to the website often. But of course, there are many places that have archived them (including a couple of my own sites) plus people just saved them to their own computers. In the beginning I assumed more people would be doing that, so I didn't start till 2012 and even then I wasn't being very faithful about it when I saw the repeats. Plus I wasn't very good about saving the music - again I assumed it would be saved here or elsewhere. But it wasn't, darn it. So now I'm really frustrated with myself for not archiving the music along with the images, and I'm casting about all the time for sources. My efforts are hampered by having old computers with older OS and versions of Chrome that won't update and which refuse to allow me to even hear the music at all on the website when it is there. Like today's On This Day, with a soundcloud link for Whole Lotta Love (with the Frankfurt Special medley) that I can't get to work. Grrrr!
  13. I hope somebody can help me out here. When Jimmy Page's website debuted there was music on it (14 July 2011). There was music each year for a few years after, but no music this year. Stupidly I didn't capture the music, or if I did I don't know what I did with it. Anyone know what it is? Have an ID or a link? Thanks!
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