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  1. I was told about her death a few days ago but have seen no verification of it other than here, now I have hesitated to share the news because of that. The person who told me said that Patricia had been doing poorly for some time.
  2. Anybody have a working link to the video?
  3. Thank you so much for sharing! How fortunate we all are that these have been found!
  4. Damn -- the impermanence of the internet. Since Ross Halfin revamped his website recently, all the old stuff is gone.
  5. Would love if someone could specifically identify when/where these photos were taken. I'm leaning towards 17 or 18 December 1993, Tokyo, Japan at Yoyogi Olympic Arena, but there aren't a lot of photos available of those shows that I could find. That is his Les Paul No. 3, correct? Thanks in advance.
  6. I so agree! Coverdale/Page is one of my absolute favorites of all JP's work. If another thread is opened I hope I find it!
  7. Still wondering who the photographer was!
  8. I see lots of people who claim the last name of Page, so having Page in a name doesn't mean much. I find it odd that Jimmy Page would have autographed a 1980 tour sweater so impersonally if it was his half sister. Maybe she picked the sweater up elsewhere. But of course you and others may have more info that would verify Errington as actually a half-sister instead of a poser.
  9. And I, for one, am grateful that you do so refrain. It is so tiresome when people try to guess what was going on in their personal lives, especially when they have themselves, refrained from talking about it themselves. Thank you.
  10. Steve, do you own this piece of memorabilia? Or do you know who does?
  11. [phew] I thought it was just my computer/internet setup. Thanks for the reply!
  12. I guess the whole idea of JP's not archiving the On This Days was so that people would have to come back to the website often. But of course, there are many places that have archived them (including a couple of my own sites) plus people just saved them to their own computers. In the beginning I assumed more people would be doing that, so I didn't start till 2012 and even then I wasn't being very faithful about it when I saw the repeats. Plus I wasn't very good about saving the music - again I assumed it would be saved here or elsewhere. But it wasn't, darn it. So now I'm really frustrated with myself for not archiving the music along with the images, and I'm casting about all the time for sources. My efforts are hampered by having old computers with older OS and versions of Chrome that won't update and which refuse to allow me to even hear the music at all on the website when it is there. Like today's On This Day, with a soundcloud link for Whole Lotta Love (with the Frankfurt Special medley) that I can't get to work. Grrrr!
  13. I hope somebody can help me out here. When Jimmy Page's website debuted there was music on it (14 July 2011). There was music each year for a few years after, but no music this year. Stupidly I didn't capture the music, or if I did I don't know what I did with it. Anyone know what it is? Have an ID or a link? Thanks!
  14. This forum has been an excellent source of info over the years. There is much more that could be shared, though mostly people do want to just complain, as you said. I do wish people would still post here. Most likely the website's template code hasn't been updated in long enough that any changes to browsers, operating systems, and/or even the server that JP.com lives on would impact the JP.com website. Considering that browsers and operating systems are constantly being updated, unless the JP.com website basic template code (and code for the individual pages) are also updated, we'll be seeing even more technical problems over time. Websites can't just coast along forever, they need to be revisited... just like music does.
  15. Agreed. The digging to find something conclusive would have to be incredibly exhaustive (and exhausting!) and for why? Maybe it's better off as a Led Zeppelin Mystery.
  16. It's not going, since I can't afford to take the time or money to do the research. We're talking physically being there, yes, using microfiche when lucky and old paper documents when we're not. Plus lots and lots of interviews.
  17. That's not the only one out there that explores the rumored concert at Wheaton but none of them come up with any firm conclusions.
  18. If I lived closer, I'd go there and do some on-location research. First, there would have to be records of the operation of the center somewhere, physical records probably in some dusty cellar. If the building was not left open and unattended 24/7, someone had to open and close up, someone had to keep records of when that happened. Someone worked there - be it janitor or secretary or the director of the center - who might still be around and would recall the event or would know where the records are for the events that week, that month, that year. If not someone who worked there then, then a spouse, a child, or someone who works there now who'd know where to look. There would have been phone calls, electric bills associated with the event. Local newspapers might have mentioned it, or the center itself might have had its own newsletter or bulletin that was mailed out to supporters or to the media. Local families could be interviewed. Local librarians and historical societies are treasure troves of information. All the documents would be analog, not digital, and would be time consuming, but there would be results that way. There are many avenues to investigate, but it means being in the area and putting in the time and effort. Send me the $ for time and expenses and I'll do it!
  19. I'm wondering if this forum is dead. It did seem to become just a place to bitch about what was wrong with Jimmy Page's website but it doesn't have to be that way. I would imagine that probably most of the people who complain have never had to put a website together with 365 different home pages with photos that would likely have to have permissions obtained and historical text that may or may not come from the client (i.e. Jimmy Page) that would have to be verified as much as possible, not to mention existing music links whenever they could be found. But anyway, wondering if anyone will keep posting here. I found some of the comments to be very interesting, and am sure that everything that could be said about each of the On This Day posts, whether new or repeated, has not yet been said.
  20. The article says that John Paul Jones is the "someone else" who was singing. "Most interesting is the fact that Plant doesn’t sing on all of the tracks on these recently uncovered tapes. “I’m desperately trying to get this one track, or the two tracks, of John Paul Jones singing lead,” he said, elaborating that John Paul Jones has no desire for them to be released. " I haven't listened to the interview this article refers to, but here's the link to it: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01jv69b
  21. lif

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    While I love seeing the photos, I'm a writer and researcher, and so I find it frustrating that most of the photos have no explanation with them: date, location, photo credit or anything else to identify them. Thus I end up not looking at this forum all that much even though it's full of great photos.
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