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  1. Yes, it is amazing. 1970, 71 & 73 were at MSG. 1972 at Nassau Coliseum & 1975 was at the L.A. Forum. I'm gonna go with 9/19/70 Evening Show as the best concert I've ever seen. We sat in the second row behind the stage between Jimmy's amps & Bonzo's gong. It felt like we were almost on stage. My favorite memory is when they played Thank You. I was so used to hearing the "acoustic" version on LZII, that when they played it live, it was so freakin' heavy it just blew my mind.
  2. Good question. I was pretty much stoned every day of the 70s and managed to see every LZ tour except 1977. Which I still can't remember why, because they did like a week of shows in MSG that June.
  3. I thought these things would be a joke, but that LZ II Scoobie Van is pretty cool !
  4. I was at one of the 7/73 shows at MSG & thought they played WIAWSNB when we got to our seats. Then again, somebody thought it would be a good idea to eat quaaludes before the show๐Ÿ˜ด
  5. I went over there yesterday, thinking that it was an Official release...LOL. There was a "link" to show further information, but all that was there was the artwork for the CD. Where does one acquire one of these, Ebay ?
  6. Okay, I figured a way to get these into jpeg. Here's a couple test runs for today:
  7. No, I was out visiting friends in L.A. in 1975 when Zep was out there. I live on Long Island & grew up in the shadows of Nassau Coliseum. I also saw Roxy Music & Frampton at the Santa Monica Civic. I tried to get my camera bag in for Roxy Music, but was turned away. I had to lock it in a locker in a bowling alley across the street in order to see the concert. For Frampton, I taped the camera body to one leg & the zoom lens to the other to get it in. I have them somewhere, too. Bellbottoms did actually serve a useful function back then ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  8. To be honest, the only song I really remember is Dazed & Confused. He was standing inside a green laser beam triangle with the bow, while the triangle spun around(?) Set list from Tele-sugarmegs: Rock And RollSick AgainOver The Hills And Far AwayIn My Time Of DyingThe Song Remains The SameThe Rain SongSince I've Been Loving YouKashmirNo Quarter (incl. Aranjuez Concert)Trampled Underfoot (incl. Gallows Pole)Moby DickDazed And ConfusedStairway To HeavenWhole Lotta Love(incl. The Crunge)Black DogHeartbreaker
  9. I don't remember what order I took the pix & what order I loaded them into the slide tray, so...I'll take your word for it๐Ÿ˜Ž
  10. The "scanner' I got uses any phone camera to take a picture of a backlit slide or negative. I used my wife's I-Phone-X camera to "scan" which is HEIF not jpeg. Also, some of them aren't exactly HD Blu-ray quality sharpness.
  11. This is from the new scanner I just got. I just scanned 30 something slides & they were done in a HEIF format, which this site won't accept. So, now I'm going to have to resend by email all the slides I just scanned & AirDropped to my Mac. I'm going to see The Who at Jones Beach tonight, and I'm a bit pissed I have to do this all over in another format, so here's just one: I should reduce the size somehow, as they are clearer than this pic shows.
  12. Yep. And Leo Lyons in concert would make Angus Young look like a wooden Indian in comparison. Here's Macca & Denny Laine(?) at Nassau Coliseum May of 1976 ?
  13. That gets you guys a bonus Ten Years After @10/1975 LI Arena, Commack NY
  14. Okay. This is an I-phone picture of an I-phone picture of one slide in an old Sears 35mm slide viewer. Jeezus, I hope the thing I ordered from Amazon is a helluva lot better, but it's the same principle.
  15. Me too ! Last time I remember viewing them was back in the 70s, when I had bet a co-worker that Jimmy Page plays a Dan-Electro. Cost him $5.00๐Ÿ˜Ž So, I know there's pix of Jimmy & his Dan-o, at least.
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