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  1. Oh yeah, man ! Back in the mid-60s, we used to take the Subway in from Jamaica right to the old Cosby's in the old MSG on 50th & 8th. A Ranger jersey like that was an outrageous $6.25, way out of the league for unemployed teenagers like us. They also had Rangers players' sticks for sale, which were also out of our price range. Still, amazing to see all the pro equipment our Ranger heroes used. We would then walk down to Paragon on Broadway & 18th & buy Converse All Stars for $5.99. They were $7.99 - $8.49 out on the Island at the time, so even with the bus 35¢ & subway fare 15¢ each way, we still saved a buck fitty.
  2. It's a boot. The first copy I had of Blueberry Hill was a blank white cover with the photo chucked inside the cellophane. I scotch taped it to the cardboard. I think...🤔
  3. http://www.rockittretro.com Hand wired, half the price of a Marshall Plexi. Master volume, add $100. Tell him not to put the name plate on it & buy a Marshall logo from Ebay for $10. LOL It'll take a couple months, it's a one dude operation. Actually, the whole thing is hand built.
  4. Yeah, these are pretty great, Derek. Good job !
  5. Well, if Jimmy comes out with his Argyle Sweater Vest, I'm game. I've been wanting one since @ 9:00PM EDT 09/19/1970.
  6. Thank you @drowan. Such great memories. Thank you for mentioning Howard Stein. I also saw a few concerts at the Capitol Theater in Port Chester; Mott the Hoople, Grand Funk, The Kinks, Yes, Humble Pie...It was a much more quaint place to see a show than the Fillmore East, although a lot further away to drive to from Long Island. Howard also opened the Academy of Music on 14th St & 3rd Ave in NY. Just a couple blocks away from the Fillmore. Great shows there, also !
  7. All the albums before Dark Side are great. Check 'em out ! Well, Ummagumma at least has a live half that's great...😎
  8. A bunch of my friends went to one of those concerts. They climbed a fence & got in for free. I had just started a new job & had to be in at 6:00AM, so like a moron I decided not to go with them. ETA. I did get to go to The NYS Pavillion with my parents during the '64-'65 New York World's Fair. While we were inside, there was Square Dancing going on, on the the floor, and when I looked up at the caller, it was my Phys Ed teacher from Grade School !
  9. Actually, they played at the New York State Pavillion those dates. Here's a short video about it:
  10. Peter Frampton Humble Pie @ Rockpile, L.I. NY March/April 1971
  11. I'll go pretty much by the order they were released, maybe swap II & III.
  12. I'll go by what I saw : The Firm, Outrider, Page & Plant or The Black Crows. I enjoyed the shows in the reverse order that are listed. I saw the Black Crows with my little sister, with whom I went to several Zeppelin shows and is still a Jimmy Page afficionado, especially all the spiritual stuff he's into. So, we're sitting in the upper reaches of Jones Beach Theater & she says to me : "they sound a lot better than LZ did" I said, well, yeah, there's like 20 more guys on stage playing...and no way the drums sound as good. Page & Plant were pretty good, too. The Firm & Outrider shows were OK, but that whole Led Zep vibe was missing.
  13. Well, the 50th Anniversary of the first time I heard Zeppelin is coming up in June. Heard it in the back of my friend's 1961 Ford Galaxie Convertible. He had just scored some black hash & it was free sample day. Looked something like this (the car):
  14. Steve Marriott. Humble Pie @ Rockpile, L.I. NY March/April 1971
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