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  1. Well sir thank for that. The bad/good news is the Rush Zep tribute is still here but we have found our keyboardist. So with this new member we are once again able to reform "Downing Grey" a Tribute to Classic Progressive Rock. We are now changing direction a bit and currently working on Yes, Genesis and and an ELP piece at the same time we will be choosing Zeppelin and Rush pieces to include in any evening that have keys in them. We will move toward work like In The Light or No Quarter right away, they have a nice Prog edge to them and Rush will consist of work like Camera Eye, La Villa
  2. Hi, I'd like to officially let this forums members know there is a new Led Zeppelin band formed and about ready to hit the road. Our project is "currently" half an evening of RUSH music and the second half, Led Zeppelin. We have loosely called this interesting new project "Fly by Zeppelin" and we plan to be playing by November starting out in upstate NY. We are the core of 4 musicians from the band www.downinggrey.com and since DG lacks a keyboardist to complete the tribute to classic prog we have moved on as this new 4 piece project and plan to keep it running even when we do find the k
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