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  1. his hometown is about 35 minute's from my house, i remember him about 12 year's old playing local show's with syracuse area band's around syracuse and utica, i saw a show on tv not too long ago in concert, he played with clapton, and steve winwood and other's in london, what a great show... the guy is awesome l, he was big sensation around here in the 90's, here was this little kid tearin up the stage with veteran area band's,stupid me, never thought to get his autograph or photo's with him, had many chance's too! hey, who knew ?ha!
  2. i've had anxiety, panic disorder,and depression for several year's now,also had a heart attack this year on mother's day , but they say my heart's fine now, i understand your condition in that i pulled away from the thing's i enjoyed too, for some reason it hasn't affected my abilty to get up in front of people and sing or play music , i did quit playing in band's for a long time, i dont play bar's anymore but i still get together and play with friends alot. there are however alot of thing's i still dont do anymore, ive found that the best support is from family and friends, you'd be surprised how many people out there have similar condition's. hang in there, i've found that discussing your condition with other's help's alot, i take med's but they dont completely control it, i'll be seeing a mental healthcare specialist next week for the first time who will have the answer i'm sure. don't get discouraged
  3. i love the who too,john ( the ox) entwistle was one of my influences for learning the bass ,r.i.p .i encourage any young musicians to keep playing, i played for years in various bands here in central n.y. i just jam with friends these days mostly. playing for a large crowd is fun and rewarding. it's a great feeling , i also like steely dan alot. you sound great , keep playing!

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