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  1. Any Live versions of In The Light out there or did they never perform it ?? Man I would love to hear some of that if they did ! Or Down by the Seaside as well ???? PEACE LOVE LED ZEPPELIN
  2. Any live recordings of YTIGC out there ??? Man I wish there was or that they would have done it at The O2 Reunion ! A song off of In through the Outdoor would have been nice on that show as well ! PEACE LOVE LED ZEPPELIN
  3. Yeah well if you wanna see Cute Jimmy have you ever seen the video that was on Youtube from his most recent wedding of hgim dancing ? He was doing all kinds of dances even The Chicken Dance It was hillarious !! I haven't been able to find it on there again though .
  4. Oh I TOTALLY agree not only is the bass player THE HOTTEST but the most musically gifted .. The guitar player hot and GOOD too .. I've seen them twice at The Magic Bag here in The Detroit area . They were just here the other day but I had a previous engagement or I would have been there to see em again ...
  5. Sounds Like a Plan Sign me up ... I dont care about the legalities of it all ....
  6. Oh WOW I have always remembered How Spot on Achilles was ... And have always maintaind that seeing Zeppelin was better than losing My Virginity ... HA HA
  7. So do you remember The Frisbee Battles prior to the beginning of the show ?? And would you Please Kind Sir send me a copy of your recording ....
  8. I could care less where and how they get em out to the masses ( ME ) I just wanna hear the music MAN .... PEACE LOVE LED ZEPPELIN
  9. Hey how can I see this picture ?? What did it do Disappear ???
  10. I was at that show ... And anyone that was would know that they were WWAAAYYY late getting onstage and they went crazy when Plant came running out and first began to sing the opening lines of You Shook Me ... and yes they finished with Trampled ....
  11. Yeah they did stay at The Hilton ... And I can tell you yes they were on fire .. I read once where JPJ said it was the best show of the tour ... Yeah The Cavernous acoustics made it horrible in the distance but I was up close and personal about 100 feet from the stage with binoculars ...
  12. I am wondering if there is any recordings out there of the show they did at the Silverdome ?????
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